Create The Future: Climate Hope Anthology Project

by Create The Future in United Kingdom

Create The Future: Climate Hope Anthology Project
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Books have the power to create whole new worlds. What if they could show us the way to a greener, more equal future?

by Create The Future in United Kingdom

 New stretch target

  • A more significant print run (approx. 50 extra physical copies), which can be posted to contributors outside the UK and other interested groups (including more contributors to the Crowdfunder!)
  • An improved launch event, with paid speakers and more accessibility features
  • Improved reach via social media and other advertising
  • Free in-person launch events to accompany the anthology's launch, free writing workshops and 'postcards from the future' creative sessions for families

What could a better future look like, and how do we get there?

At Create The Future, we are creating an exciting new anthology to answer just that. For so long, so much of our communications around the climate crisis have focused on what we must fight, avoid, or fear. Relentless images of floods, fires and droughts can make us feel that there is nothing we can do and the worst case scenario is inevitable. We know that there’s another story to be told – one where we have a choice.

What happens when we stop running from a threat and put into words what we’re choosing to run towards?

What happens when we dare to dream?

The 100+ page multidisciplinary anthology includes:

  • 9 creative writing pieces (short stories and poems), chosen through our international writing contest
  • 5 'postcards from the future', created by school-age children and chosen through a UK-wide contest
  • Up to 15 interviews with experts and changemakers from around the world on a wide range of climate topics

These interviews, stories and art pieces are combined one after another, slowly and carefully weaving an alternative canvas of hope for the future.


The anthology will cover themes including ‘the future of housing’, 'the future of education', ‘the future of cities’, 'the future of energy' and ‘the future of rewilding’ and includes contributors from Rewilding Britain, Octopus Energy, Delphis Eco, Lammas Eco Village and more.

Please help make our dream become reality

To allow as many people as possible to read and be inspired by the anthology's vision for a better future, we will publish the anthology online and in a limited physical print run which will be shared with local communities and contributors.


Our funding gap is small but would make a huge difference - just £500 would allow us to:

  • Print 100 copies of the anthology (on recycled paper), to be distributed strategically and locally to reach as many people as possible
  • Develop and host an online flipbook that can be accessed from desktop and mobile devices
  • Advertise the anthology online and on social media
  • Host an online launch event during Great Big Green Week with accessibility features and online webinar software

We are fully volunteer-led, with none of our team being paid for the work we do and everyone giving up their spare time to help create a better vision for the future of our planet and all living beings. We make the most of as many free resources as possible - we partner with other organisations, seek sponsorship, or reduce the scope of our activities. This is the first time we have asked for crowdfunding and we hope you will also be excited to read the anthology you have helped to create!

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About us

Create The Future is a UK-based and youth-led creative climate project that seeks to create a vision of a better future to empower action and inspire optimism through storytelling, education and imagination activities. Our work is based on the research of leading organisations such as Climate Outreach and the Common Cause Foundation.

We run free activities and workshops for children, young people and adults, ranging from creative writing workshops, poetry prompts and school activities. Our flagship 'postcards from the future' activity, an imaginative art and writing exercise for children aged 5-12, helps to combat eco anxiety by helping young people to imagine the future they want to see and send a postcard back to parents, teachers and community members.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£50 or more

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£50 Printed anthology (UK/EU shipping)

If you live in the UK or EU, pledge £50 and receive a physical copy of the anthology in the post. Your name will also be (optionally) listed in our 'gold' tier supporters in our Acknowledgements.

£2 or more

Donate your spare change

Only got £2 to spare? We are so grateful for anything you can contribute to support us to reach our goal.

£10 or more

£10 Digital anthology and launch event

Pledge £10 and receive a link to view the digital copy of the anthology, a link to our launch event, and (optionally) your name in the Acknowledgements of the anthology.

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£20 Postcard pack (UK/EU shipping)

If you live in the UK/EU, pledge £20 and receive a physical copy of our flagship postcard activity pack in the post (including 2x high quality printed postcards made with recycled paper, ready for you and a friend to get creative & send to your chosen recipient), and an optional spot in our 'silver' supporters tier of the anthology Acknowledgements.

£20 or more

£20 Postcard pack (international / digital-only)

Receive a copy of our flagship postcard activity pack via email (including postcard templates and instructions, ready for you and a friend to get creative & send to your chosen recipient), and an optional spot in our 'silver' supporters tier of the anthology Acknowledgements.

£50 or more

£50 digital anthology reward pack (international)

If you are outside the UK/EU, or if you simply don't want to receive anything in the post, pledge £50 and receive a priority digital copy of the anthology, a digital copy of our postcard activity pack, and your name in the 'gold supporters' tier of the Acknowledgements.

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