Emergency Covid-19 Essentials in Nepal

Emergency Covid-19 Essentials in Nepal


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Started on 9th April 2020 Middleton, England, United Kingdom


We're Childreach Nepal, a community-based, grassroots organisation that provides essential, practical support for children and families where it is most urgently needed.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We know that there is need pretty much everywhere at the moment, and many of you who are usually the most generous may be suffering greatly yourselves. If you can spare anything at all towards our campaign then thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you can't donate, but are willing to share the link to help us reach more people, then we give you the same thanks.

Our campaign

The local authorities have asked for our help. We know our campaign target is ambitious, but this is what it will cost to buy food for 400 people for 6 weeks, and support frontline workers to keep in safe contact with over 6000 rural households, reaching around 25,000 individuals. Whatever we raise will go towards these activities, and we are already delivering some of the food in Kathmandu. Just so you know, we’re all taking half wages throughout this crisis period so that more Childreach Nepal funds can go to those who need them most.

Why it's needed

Like so many places around the world, Nepal is currently in lockdown to minimise the spread of Covid-19. For a poor country still in a vulnerable stage of recovery from the 2015 earthquakes, the humanitarian impact of this lockdown is immediate and potentially devastating. 

People queuing to buy food in Kathmandu, standing in distancing circles drawn on the groundIn Kathmandu many people are daily wage workers, meaning their only income is what they can earn in a day to buy food and a place to sleep that night. This group, including migrant workers, domestic help, the homeless and many elderly and disabled people, are more worried about starving to death than dying from Covid-19. At a time when prices for everything are rapidly rising, they need supplies of food, water and basic medicines to secure them for at least the next 6 weeks.

A packed washing line in front of several small homes in rural NepalOut in the rural district where Childreach usually works, many migrant workers have returned home for lockdown. This makes the rural communities exceptionally vulnerable to get the virus, and local authorities are providing frontline workers to ensure that every household is monitored. These workers need proper protective equipment and basics such as infra-red thermometers to minimise contact with the people they are visiting.

Working together

Childreach Nepal is very grateful to Hope for Children, our UK partner, who will be transferring all funds raised in this campaign from the UK to Nepal.

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Fantastic initiative! Lots of love and stay safe!

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