Covid-19 / Coronavirus Emergency Medical Suction

by Free Medical Devices to NHS in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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I have designed a CV-19 specific 3D printed Airway Suction Device. I want to supply these to NHS and Emer. Services in the UK free of Charge

by Free Medical Devices to NHS in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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On the 11th May 2020 we'd raised £10,025 with 79 supporters in 27 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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Raising £10,000 to create 1,000 airway suction devices to save lives and enable the NHS and emergency services to allocate resources more freely.

What is the airway suction device?

I came up with the idea for a novel airway suction device during my time as a medical engineer. I left my job in June 2019 to start my own business developing it into a reality. We are now developing a 3D print version to supply Free of Charge to the NHS. 

The device clears blocked airways if someone is either choking to death or needs mucus/sputum clearing from their airway. It is particularly useful for pre-ITU Patients. Remember Boris? He will have had is chest manipulated to bring up mucus trapped in his chest cavity. Obviously, this mucus needs to be cleared. This is one application for airway suction

You might have heard of 'intubation'. This involves inserting tubes down a generally unconscious patient. before inserting something down the airway, it will be cleared by suction. Without suction; any mucus will be forced into the lungs, creating potentially fatal complications for the patient.

The Covid-19 pandemic got me thinking about how to simplify my design to help with the request for medical equipment. I've developed a version that can be 3D printed and connects directly to collection jars already in use by hospitals and Emergency Services. It has the working title 'CAMSU'.

The video shows the early prototype proving the technology works. The final design will look a whole lot better and will sit on top of the can.

How will we achieve this?

I am working with University of Portsmouth to refine the design and make the suction more efficient. It will be tested with the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth before being released for Manufacture and supply to those that need it. 

I have a whole team of experts assembled to push this project through. Most are Pro-bono, some are understandably at cost. The at cost will be covered via a government grant. So all the money raised here WILL go to the material manufacture of each device and nothing else. This will enable them to be supplied foc as promised.

(See the video).

I have a team of people at University of Portsmouth refining the prototype to be as small and efficient as possible. I am working with a rapidly put together, fantastic team of people, giving their expertise to develop a bonafide medical device in double quick time.

This photo shows the current technology on the left. The Covid-19 AMSU on the right.

Everything you see on the right directly replaces everything you see on the left.

It costs 10% of current technology, is 95% smaller and weighs 99% less. It works just as well and meets International standards.

How can you help?

This device WILL save lives and enable the NHS and emergency services to allocate resources more freely.

Your donation will help us supply up to 1,000 devices on the first batch run at no cost to the NHS or Emergency Services. I am applying for various innovation grants to cover the other costs involved in bringing a Medical Device into use.

Thank you sincerely. 

Stay safe


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£25 FUTURE ...

This will pay for 1 x Covid-19 AMSU to help the NHS and Emergency Services save lives. Thank you

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£10 Donation

This will provide a 350ml gas can to power the Covid-19 AMSU. Thank you

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This will supply 2 x Covid-19 AMSU to the NHS and Emergency Services and help to save lives. Thank you.

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This will supply 4 x Covid-19 AMSU to the NHS and Emergency Services and will save lives.. Thank you.

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