Covid-19 Emergency food parcels

by Robin Markland in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Covid-19 Emergency food parcels

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To provide large size Veg boxes to those most in need, ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities, the elderly etc arent hungry.

by Robin Markland in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Increase the. amount of people in need, benefitting from the Veg boxes.  Community Heart is being inudated with requests for help, and our resources are already stretched to the maximum degree.  The community need your help.

Covid-19 Emergency food boxes.

Help us to provide Family size Veg boxes to those most in need. They are packed with a well balanced amount of locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables, ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities; The elderly, those with pre-existing medical conditions, families with young children in food poverty, people who have lost their jobs and those who are Self Isolating - aren't hungry during these dramatic times which no one knows how long will last for.  All we do know is that we must act now.

Every £20 will sponsor an emergency Veg Box which will allow vulnerable people to enjoy preparing their own meals in their homes, at the correct portions to their own taste - ensuring that nothing is wasted. 

Our emergency Veg Boxes are proving very successful. We have already delivered more than 5 tonnes of fresh food to our communities most vulnerable; the elderly, families in food poverty and other vulnerable people in isolation.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the recent crowdfunder where together, we raised more than £1100 in just 18 days!

Each and every box is making a massive difference... A 90 year old lady said ''Its the nicest thing anyone has every done for me''.

For vulnerable families in isolation the food boxes offer an opportunity to cook healthy meals together and experiment with new types of vegetables and fruits and to their own taste and portion size.

Crucially, food to the door reduces the need for people to leave their homeduring these most pivotal times where it is crucial that people stay in a much as possible. Each box has enough fresh food for a week, but it is obviously far more than that - I have witnessed that they really are a rainbow delivered to their door and a much needed boost to help alleviate isolation fatigue and an expression of solidarity.

Each box is packed with enough food to provide lunches and dinners for up to 1 week for a small family.


They are carefully delivered to where they are needed, strictly adhering to all safeguarding measures. 

The local area has high numbers of elderly, those on low wages or working in the hospitality trades, meaning we will be hit harder than most other areas in the UK.

Please sponsor a box today and more if you can.


Providing for the community after the storm:

The initial response is in providing this food during the storm and we will be here to pick up the pieces afterwards. Any surplus funds raised beyond the £1000 utilising a ''stretch target'' will go towards the ongoing efforts of our organisation if more food boxes are not needed. Community Heart is in the process of setting up a Community Fundraising shop, Healing Hub and Community Fridge, and these initiatives are now needed more than ever - and we are almost there !

We will support the ongoing and evolving needs of vulnerable people to ensure that their health and wellbeing is maintained.  With free support such as Counselling and Relaxation and Meditation sessions to help people recover from the Pandemic.

It will be centred around the Fundraising shop.  We will take in donated items from the public and sell them to generate funds to sustain the initiatives which include the Commmunity Fridge in which those who are struggling can help themselves to free healthy fruit & Veg - with surplus food sourced from local supermarkets due to not being sold. Alongside this will be a Hygiene and contraception bank to alleviate hygiene poverty. The Holistic Therapies to help people recover from the stress and trauma of Covid-19, a drop in, super affordable CommuniTEA cafe to bring people back together again after isolation and social distancing, and a meeting session space which other local organisations will use for their services, enhancing the benefit to the public by providing a free and made for purpose venue. 

Please support us, we can make a difference. 

Feel free to message us through the crowdfunder link above or via -

email; [email protected]

                                            Join us for the greatest good.

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