Food hampers for landowners of Northumbrian crags

by Lewis Durham in Durham, England, United Kingdom

Food hampers for landowners of Northumbrian crags

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To create hampers filled with small gifts as thanks to land owners that allow access to their crags and have given climbers many great days.

by Lewis Durham in Durham, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Beer for the BMC reps and access negotiators.

Land owners in Northumberland have provided decades of free access to their crags, been amenable and understanding in the face of a discretions over the years and given us spaces to enjoy ourselves outdoors.

This page is raising money to put together hampers, which will then be delivered to the land owners.

1592753006_whatsapp_image_2020-06-21_at_16.20.13.jpegSadly the only times we get in touch with the owners of crags is if something goes wrong. They just see swarms of people, usually dressed quite strange, carrying pads or with things jangling off their harnesses, arriving at their otherwise quiet land. I want to show these land owners that we really appreciate having access to the crags, and convey how many people have fantastic memories from climbing there, by the scale of donations.

I could think of hundreds of brilliant days, people I've met and routes I've climbed over the years, we all can. Continued access to these crags and a good relationship between climbers and landowners mean that future generations can enjoy these crags too, and carry on the history that goes back decades. 1592753094_whatsapp_image_2020-06-21_at_16.21.41.jpeg

I had planned to start this at Christmas as a yearly thing, but we have all missed climbing outdoors so much during this pandemic, it really made me think how devastated we would all be if we couldn't climb outdoors at some of these places we love.

How it's going to work

Your donation will go towards creating small food hampers, ideally with local produce. Once there is enough money, and I have an idea of how it will be divided, I will go shopping and buy nice items, providing receipts and picture updates as I create them.  

I am not opposed to doing a collection, especially for bespoke items, but I feel it would be best in the current climate for me to do one or two big shops. Please get in touch if you have something you would be interested in providing such as:

Photography prints of crags

Home made crafts or food

discount on your products or services

Vouchers for your business

Certified instructors willing to provide an outdoor experience on or near their land

My shopping list

Anything that's small, good quality and preferably has a long shelf life or can be collected just before I deliver; Jam, cheese, alcohol, flowers, gift cards etc. 


I will be doing everything I can to ensure the process is as safe and hygienic as possible. Updates will be through the County Psyche facebook group, and on this page.  Also if you see me at a crag feel free to chat to me about the project, or on facebook where suggestions about the project are very welcome.

Thanks, Lewis

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