Bring Beavers Back to Cornwall

by cornwallwildlifetrust in Truro, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 30th June 2017 we successfully raised £20,165 with 274 supporters in 59 days

We want to bring beavers back to Cornwall for the first time in 400 years to help reduce flooding and benefit wildlife.

by cornwallwildlifetrust in Truro, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

A massive thank you

We're still pinching ourselves! With your help we've smashed our original target. Your amazing generosity has now paid for the installation of the 650m beaver-proof fence and for the two beavers. Thank you from all of us on the Cornwall Beaver Project Team!

 What next?

When we started we didn't dare hope we'd reach our target of 15K but you've proved us wrong! We're now planning for the future and really pushing the boundaries with a 5K stretch target. Can we reach 20K by the 30th of June?

 This extra money will help pay the expenses for project volunteers, purchase equipment to enable us to catch the beavers so that we can give them health checks and buy at least six trail cameras (to share amazing videos and photos of the beavers on social media and our website).

 Please help spread the word and continue pledging and donating.

 We're looking forward to an unbelievable finish!


A huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated and spread the word about the Cornwall Beaver Project.   We are thrilled to meet our stretch target of £20,000 but it is more than that; knowing that so many of you feel this project is as important as we do means an awful lot.  

Do keep in touch via the project Facebook page - Cornwall beaver project.

Exciting news

Beavers are officially back in Cornwall! Thanks to the generosity of our pledgers, on Friday 16th June we were able to release a pair of Eurasian beavers into the crowdfunded 5-acre enclosure at Woodland Valley Farm. To our delight the beavers calmly explored their new home, swimming round the pond in full view. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page, Cornwall Beaver Project for updates and for video footage coming soon. 

Beaver cage just opened © Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Beaver in lilies © Jack Hicks

A quick update (as this isn't included in our Crowdfunder total)... Little White Alice threw open their doors and hosted an evening of music, food and a chance to experience their Wild Spa Area. They raised £750 for the Cornwall Beaver Project!

With your support we can bring beavers back to Cornwall and start one of the most exciting wildlife stories in Cornish history.  

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What do we want to do?

After being hunted to extinction in the UK 400 years ago, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and partners Woodland Valley Farm want to bring beavers back to Cornwall. This ground-breaking project hopes to show that beavers can help create new wildlife habitat, make our water cleaner and crucially reduce flooding. Beavers will be reintroduced to a fenced area, upstream of Ladock village, near Truro, that has suffered severe flooding. Our partner Universities will study the before and after impacts, building on research from reintroductions in the UK and across Europe. The results will help us find out if this native species could once again become part of the Cornish landscape to help us combat flooding – naturally.  You can be part of this exciting story.

Credit David Chapman
With your support we can bring beavers back to Cornwall, credit David Chapman. 

What are we raising funds for?

  • We need £10,000 to install a 650m beaver-proof fence around the site which will be our beavers' new home - we must raise this within the first 3 weeks so the fence can be installed and checked before the beavers' arrival.
  • We need £5,000 to pay for the beavers themselves and the equipment to look after them - we must raise this in time for the proposed Beaver Release date of Friday 16th June.

Female beaver from the River Otter, Devon, credit Mike Symes/Devon Wildlife Trust
Beavers are just great for wildlife, help us bring them back to Cornwall. Credit Mike Symmes/Devon Wildlife Trust

Why bring beavers back to Cornwall?

Eurasian Beavers were once a native species of the British Isles and are a 'keystone species' of wetland habitats - meaning they benefit a wide range of wildlife species, from fish and frogs to insects and birds. At a beaver reintroduction site in Devon the number of frog spawn clumps went from 10 to 580 in just five years!

Beavers also have the potential to reduce flooding - their activities such as building dams and digging water channels enable the land around them to hold more water. This means that during very heavy rainfall water doesn't flow as quickly into rivers, which will help prevent them overflowing and bursting their banks.

This same activity helps make river water cleaner. Slowing the flow of the water helps to filter it, causing soil sediment and pollutants to settle at the bottom of beaver ponds, essentially trapping them away. 

A Devon Wildlife Trust beaver being released, credit Stuart Coleman
Credit Stuart Coleman.

credit David Chapman
Bringing beavers back to Cornwall could potentially help reduce flooding, credit David Chapman.

Beaver release site at Woodland Valley Farm near Ladock, Truro, credit Cornwall Wildlife Trust
With your help, two adult beavers will be released here at Woodland Valley Farm, near Ladock, Truro.

This project has been approved for funding through the Heritage + The Crowd match funding. It has received a bridge of 50% towards its fundraising target from Heritage Lottery Fund.


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Your chance to name our two beavers! Entry into the 'Name the Beaver' competition plus above. You can enter a male and female name, 10 entries will then be selected by the Cornwall Beaver Project and voted on by the public through our Facebook and Twitter pages. We will be in touch by email to request your names after you have made your donation.

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Enjoy a Beaver Activity Day for four people at Woodland Valley Farm, plus entry into our special donor book, entry into our “Name the Beaver” competition and a donation certificate.

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Enjoy a weekend stay for four at Woodland Valley Farm, plus entry into our special donor book, entry into our “Name the Beaver” competition and a donation certificate.

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