Corco Coin-Planting 1000 new trees & capturing c02

by David Erasmus in Leatherhead, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 18th November 2019 we successfully raised £5,628 with 55 supporters in 21 days

The goal is to find a home for our first 1,000 new trees in Scotland

by David Erasmus in Leatherhead, England, United Kingdom

We’re planting 1,000 trees in Dairy in Scotland as a first step and test for a more ambitious Long Term Plan (see below)… When you pledge on this campaign you can find joy in knowing that you are participating a powerful local answer which adds to the global conversation, and helps nature to repair our broken planet. 

We have 3 trillion trees in the world, and we have around 350 gigatons of Co2 left to emit to have a 50/50 chance of not cooking the planet! If we plant another 1 trillion trees we can increase that budget by 200 gigatons, build meaningful hope and potentially avoid eco-disaster. 

Be a creative first mover, let’s get to net neutral before we ask our governments to do the same. 

You will receive an exact co-ordinate of a 3x3m square where your tree is planted so you can be sure it will never be double sold! you might even be able to visit if you ask the grower nicely! 

Who are we?

We are Corco Creators, a community inspired by nature, embracing our creativity in friendship to try and make the most of this life! you can follow us on instagram or even join us in November at our Swirl Tour, a few tickets still remaining 

You can watch the first year of our project on where Dave our co-founder lived off grid in the woods for a year! 

For 3 years have been asking ourselves what creative response can we make the world we find ourselves in, in the light of ecocide, huge displacement and unprecedented technological development with Machine Intelligence and decentralised technologies! 

We are a small unregistered community group with a community bank account who are in the process of designing our constitution and direct web based decision making processes. 

The Long Term Plan

It can all seem very complicated but now in the corcocoin we are pleased to say we have found a simple way to bring our machine and biological worlds together, to make economics and ecology work together in harmony.  The corcocoin is a 60 year lease on a tree planted by one of our global growers. that means you are buying 60 years of carbon capture power - that is similar to 1 ton of Co2e that you can offset against your emissions to help you get down to a net neutral lifestyle. 

It's our dream to make corcocoin the first currency to be backed up by trees. Will you help us to take this first step towards that by pledging towards this planting of 1,000 trees in Scotland? 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

30 of 1000 claimed

One Tree

Put £10 in and get one tree planted in Scotland!

£100 or more

12 of 100 claimed

10 Trees

10 trees will sequester about 10 tons of carbon over the 60 years - that is similar to an average persons emissions in one year.

£1,000 or more

3 of 10 claimed

100 Trees

100 trees! amazing - they will capture something similar to 10 years of personal emissions

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