COPout26 Crowdfunder

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

COPout26 Crowdfunder
We did it
On 7th October 2021 we successfully raised £5,160 with 196 supporters in 28 days

COP26 is soon. The SNP will use this as an opportunity to flaunt their 'Green' credentials to the world. Help us get the truth out there!!

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Meeting our 'stretch goal' will allow up to do additional, targeted, social media boosts. It will also enable us to erect more billboards and hire more advans. Additional funds will allow us to make preliminary plans for the Scottish council elections that are scheduled for May 2022.

Scotland Matters will use the opportunity of the COP26 conference held in Glasgow this November to amplify what Greta Thunberg said to the BBC "Scotland is not a World leader in Climate change".

Using the methods employed in our successful tactical voting campaign at the Holyrood elections to broadcast the SNP/Greens' environmental policy failures and, as always, counter their indyref2 obsession. All in front of an unprecedented worldwide audience. We are planning:

  • Headline seeking stunts at or near the COP26 Conference location.
  • "MET Zero" - themed billboards throughout Scotland.
  • Newspapers adverts and advans in and around Glasgow.
  • Specially developed web pages and memes.
  • Personal messages to the  'movers and shakers' of the UK and global environmental world to counter any SNP propaganda. 

All of this will build on our experiences from the Holyrood Election 2021 where we took the fight to the SNP and reached well over 1 million people through our billboards, advans, website, memes and newsletters.

For evidence of the SNP/Greens environmental failures, CLICK HERE.

For the latest Scottish environmental news, CLICK HERE.

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