“Conversation,” a short film by Manuela Lazic

by Manuela Lazic in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 16th February 2020 we successfully raised £4,900 with 119 supporters in 28 days

We are looking to raise £4500 to pay everyone involved in the making of "Conversation," a short film.

by Manuela Lazic in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

"Conversation" will be the first project produced by our new production company, Ça Existe Productions. The potential extra funds would go to post-production on this first film, and to further laying down the foundations of Ça Existe and start work on upcoming projects. Ça Existe Productions will aim to elevate diverse, independent voices, to tell stories of human connection, working in fiction and non-fiction film and everything in between.

"Love is a story told to a friend,
It's second hand"

- Joni Mitchell


What is it all about?

We are all too acquainted with the concept of 'unrequited love:' when romantic feelings flow only one way, never to be returned – like a waterfall sending its waters into a seemingly bottomless pit, never to have any effect on the levels of the river downstream. 

Perhaps luckily, I have only rarely experienced this tragically romantic kind of attachment. But I am in fact very familiar with a different type of cursed relationship.

To continue with the water image above, I would compare the relationship I'm talking about to a pond. Pleasantly still, mysterious, exciting in the possibilities it contains within its hidden depths, but also frustrating in its immobility and muddiness. You get stuck in it and its calming consistency soon leads to quiet desperation. Unable to see your feet, you don't know where you stand nor where you're going. Progressively, you may even lose yourself, sinking.

What will it look like?


Mood board

I started writing "Conversation" with the memories of such relationships in mind, but no clear idea of what to make of them. As it turns out, art truly is therapeutic, and the writing process has, more or less subconsciously, allowed me to approach these (very) difficult times of my life with a sort of brutally honest distance, while taking me to unexpected, funny places. I think so, anyway! I am probably not in the best position to judge. You are. You could be!

Why raise funds?

"Conversation" will be a short comedy-drama with a runtime of about 10min, populated by only a few characters, but I would like for it to have a real chance to be good. I believe it is essential to not only surround yourself with people who inspire you and are dedicated to their passions and your project, but also to be able to pay them. Art is essential and superfluous at once, which is why anyone who chooses to dedicate any of their time to it deserves respect and help. 

With your financial support, I hope to be able to hire such brilliant people to help me in my directorial debut. My acting training in the past two years at the Actors Temple has proven invaluable not only for my work as a film critic, but also for opening up my creative channels as an actress, a writer and, hopefully, a filmmaker. It has made me appreciate the importance of collaboration and of risk-taking, on a creative as well as a personal level (same difference). 

The money we – that is, Ça Existe Productions, the company that myself and producer Alessandro Luchetti have just set up – hope to raise will go into paying the crew a reasonable salary for 3 days of work, renting out equipment and paying for transport and food needs, as well as to post-production costs. 

Depending on their function, a standard salary for a key player ranges between £75 and £150 per day; smaller players will also be remunerated, including runners and extras. This is essential to not only guarantee a good, collaborative and fun atmosphere on set in which to make our best work, but also to help each and every person involved to progress in their respective careers.! 

We are also planning to submit the film to festivals and have a screening in London for cast and crew – and key supporters! – before making it available online for everyone to see!


For you, dear donor

You are part of our team as soon as you join the campaign! We will be posting regular updates about pre-production ahead of the shoot, as well as behind-the-scenes pictures from the set, on here and on social media – make sure to follow the project via the Instagram and Twitter accounts of Ça Existe Productions! You will obtain rewards depending on the size of your contribution (see sidebar), but every donor will be mentioned in the film's credits – because this film simply won't happen without you!


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