Conrad Wood for Gordon & Buchan

by Aberdeenshire East Liberal Democrats in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Conrad Wood for Gordon & Buchan

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It's time to re-establish a Lib Dem MP in the Gordon area! Please help elect me. I'll provide a strong Lib Dem voice for Gordon & Buchan.

by Aberdeenshire East Liberal Democrats in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

After 17 years of SNP and 14 years of Tory governments nothing works. Here in Gordon and Buchan only the Lib Dems can bring change!

The Lib Dems have won in Gordon in 4 of the previous 7 general elections. Well- respected former MP Malcolm Bruce represented the area for 32 years and I would relish the opportunity to follow in his footsteps in the new enlarged constituency. I believe that we once again need a hard-working MP focused on your local priorities. I want to:

  • Save our NHS
  • Build our economy
  • Focus on local priorities

On July 4th I have the chance of achieving this, but only with your financial help and support for my campaign. My team has been working hard getting to know residents and listening to their concerns. Working hard and putting people first is what the Lib Dems are best known for, and, if I'm elected, I would continue that proud tradition.  

My party is promising a "Fair Deal" for the UK:  

  •  A fair, prosperous and innovative economy that promotes opportunity and wellbeing.
  •  Fair access to good public services and a strong social safety net.
  •  A flourishing environment, with fair access to nature for all.
  • A strong United Kingdom and a fair international order.
  •  A truly fair democracy, where everyone’s rights are respected and individuals and communities are empowered.

If this vision resonates with you then please lend me your vote on July 4th and consider donating to my campaign. 

Thanks again for your support.

Conrad Wood

For more information about Conrad and his campaign, please visit:


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