Connecting Refugee Children Beyond The Camps

by Children on the Edge in Uganda

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Help us take the first steps to connect refugee and slum-dwelling children across the world using simple digital technology.

by Children on the Edge in Uganda

We're still collecting donations

On the 23rd September 2020 we'd raised £936 with 26 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The more we raise, the more we can develop the programme, expanding it and giving more children in Uganda the opportunity to try our digital programme.  With extra money we can:

  • Provide 2 or 3 years worth of mobile phone data. 
  • Invest in a second projector for the programme. 
  • Cover the costs for more workshops, giving more children the opportunity to get involved. 
  • Set up a greenroom for the children in Jinja.


Our Project

Our innovative digital programme in Bangladesh is already transforming education for Rohingya children in Kutupalong. This technology is also giving them the opportunity to experience something of life beyond the confines of the camp.

Through their own online platform called Moja Kids, students create video updates to share back and forth with children outside the camps. 

This not only gives them a voice, but enables them to interact and tackle their sense of isolation.

What we would like to achieve

We want to expand our innovative digital programme, connecting refugee children in Bangladesh to three Child Rights Clubs in the slum communities of Uganda. 

Giving the children access to technology that will allow them to express themselves, give them a voice and enable them to connect with the wider world. Helping to create a global online community where children can share and celebrate their experiences, similarities and differences. 

Your support will help to provide the technology to get our project up and running in Uganda.

  • We want to buy three smartphones, one for each Child Rights Club. 
  • One battery powered projector, so that the children can see their videos.
  • One solar panel and solar charger to keep the projector charged and running.
  • One year's worth of phone data for each Child Rights Club, so that they connect with other children across the world. 


About the Child Rights Clubs

Our 1597739506_cf_-_uganda_crc.pngChild Rights Clubs in Uganda have been developed in Loco, Masese I, and Wandago slum communities. These clubs enable children to learn about their rights, express their views and shape their communities. Being able to connect with children in the wider world to share their opinions, talent and ideas would be an exciting and encouraging step for these children, who are already leaders among their peers.


Children on the Edge supports 15,000 children who are living on the edge of their societies around the world. 

Since 1990 we have focussed on children who have been overlooked by governments, larger organisations, the media and the international community. 

In partnership with local communities, we work to restore the ingredients of a full childhood. We do this through the creation of safe, child friendly environments that generate hope, life, colour and fun. 

Rather than seeing children as passive recipients of charity, we resource and support them to be agents of change in their own futures.


  • In Bangladesh, we provide high quality education for over 7,500 Rohingya refugee children in the Kutupalong refugee camp, whilst ensuring education and play in a child friendly environment for 1,400 Bangla and Rohingya children in slum communities. 
  • In Uganda, our voluntary Child Protection Teams work with slum communities to create a protective environment for children in danger of exploitation, malnutrition and abuse. We are replicating this work for refugee children from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Kyaka II refugee camp.
  • In Lebanon, we provide education for 300 Syrian refugee children in a new Learning Centre in Bekaa Valley.
  • In Kachin State, Myanmar, we support community led Early Childhood Education for 431 internally displaced children, who live in hard to reach, high altitude refugee settlements.
  • In Bihar State, India, we work to tackle caste discrimination by creating access to education for over 1,000 ‘untouchable’ Dalit children, whilst resourcing the wider community to realise their rights.



 Our innovative digital programme in Bangladesh, has been shortlisted as one of the finalists in this year's prestigious Tech4Good Education Award – sponsored by Lenovo.  

We need your help, by getting involved with our crowdfunder - pledging your support, spreading the word and sharing the message on social media - you will not only be helping us to raise the funds to start connecting refugee and slum dwelling children in Bangladesh and Uganda, you will also be giving us a shot a winning the  the Tech4Good People's Award.



This project offered rewards

£100 or more

Buy a mobile phone for a Child Rights Club

£100 will pay for a smart phone for one of Child Rights Clubs in Uganda. The smart phone will enable them to record videos that can be shared with other children across the world. Enabling them to express themselves in a new way, share experiences and connect beyond the confinements of the slums in Jinja.

£23 or more

Buy 6 months of mobile data

£23 will buy 6 months worth of mobile phone data which will enable the Child Rights Clubs in Jinja to connect with the Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh.

£45 or more

Buy a year of mobile data

It costs £45 to provide a year's worth of mobile phone data for the Child Rights Clubs in Jinja, Uganda. The data will enable the children to connect with others around the world, sharing experiences, celebrating their similarities and differences and to helping to create a global online community.

£70 or more

Buy a solar charger

£70 will pay for a solar charger for the projector's batteries.

£150 or more

Buy a solar panel

£150 will provide a solar panel for the Child Rights Club, enabling them to charge the batteries for the projector.

£400 or more

Buy a battery powered projector

£400 will provide a battery powered projector for the Child's Rights Clubs in Jinja. The projector will help bring the children's videos to life, allowing them to project to a wider audience, it will also open up a means of dialogue between the children in Uganda and the Rohingya refugee children we work with in Bangladesh.

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