Congo's Untold Story

by Savvark in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

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We are embarking on a groundbreaking journey to capture the untold stories of colonialism and imperialism in the 'Global South'.

by Savvark in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

From Iraq and Afghanistan to Mali

Growing up, I saw the coverage of the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. I saw the favorable coverage for dictators propped up by the West. As someone born to a historian, in a family that was already politically astute, seeing these things pushed me to be more critical of Western media and its reporting. I saw an outlet in investigative journalism after watching people like David Hundenyi expose corruption in Nigeria.

Around 2013 I saw the Western coverage of Tuareg rebellion in Mali, and the mobilization of coalition forces to combat it. But what was not shown was what I heard from local journalists on the ground - that French enterprises were taking advantage of the situation.

This drove me to investigate what was happening in Mali by myself. I didn't just rely on secondhand information. I spoke directly to tribal leaders, community members, the intelligentsia, and the key stakeholders on the ground.

The immensely positive feedback to my reporting there demonstrated that there is a huge appetite for an alternative that reveals the neocolonialist lens.

Congo's Story

Since then, I have seen this same story play out across the continent. Mainstream narratives are often crafted with brushstrokes of corruption and despair that fuel bias and prejudice. The neocolonial angle is suppressed and sometimes completely ignored.

Congo is no different. It has recently been in the spotlight because of the extreme resource and local labor exploitation. We intend to investigate internal and external pressures enabling this exploitation and the effect it is having in the conflict zones in the east with spillover in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

It's time to reveal what's really happening, to connect the dots, and to shine a light on the exploitation that continues to shape Africa's destiny.

By contributing to our fundraiser, you directly enable us to reach remote villages in the conflict zones, capture the lived experiences of families living under exploitation, investigate overlooked state and non-state actors, and ensure their stories reach everyday citizens and policymakers around the world. Your support fuels a dialogue that can ignite crucial action for sustainable resource management, fair labor practices, and ultimately the restoration of the right to unmolested development and progress in the DRC.

At this phase, your donation will go towards production costs. This includes:

  • Travel and accommodation

-$1800 Return flight and airport travel from Lagos to Kinshasa

-$2000 Estimated travel costs (several modes, mostly by road) from Kinshasa towards spill-over regions of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

-$2000 Estimated lodging and living expenses for approximately 4 to 5 weeks

  • Couriers and labor

-$1000 Compensating courier/couriers who will be assisting with local bureaucracy, translating local dialects and handling equipment.

-$300 On-site production costs (obtaining necessary permits, licenses, and permissions for filming and accessing certain areas etc.)

-$500 Incidentals for facilitation payments, access, etc.

-$800 Compensating miscellaneous labor

  • Equipment & software procurement

-$500 2x Go Pros

-$500 Camera-equipped drone and controller

-$1700 2x Lumix GH5/Sony A7 cameras and lenses

-$300 On-camera lights and reflectors

-$300 2x Saramonic UwMic9 RX9+TX9 mics

-$200 Tripods, batteries and other ancillaries

-$600 Phones and e-sims

-$500 Laptop

-$200/year Secure open source file storage system and other communications services

We need your support to bring this documentary series to life. Any and all donations are welcome.

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