Community Permaculture- Flourishing Local Systems

by Danny Moore in Matlock, England, United Kingdom

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Permanent & resilient community infrastructure focused on nature restoration & climate change, health & wellbeing and local economic systems

by Danny Moore in Matlock, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we hit our stretch target - the funds will allow the project to last longer, for us to promote more and it will enable us to work with more volunteers and groups.  We’ll also have a bigger budget and capability to do more marketing and events.


Farmacy Co-op is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is focused on:

  • Secure Access To Organic Food & Natural Essential Items 
  • Localisation & Not-For-Profit Models
  • Decentralisation & Co-operative (Community) Ownership
  • Building Strong Communities Resilient To Any Crisis
  • Regenerating Nature & Biodiversity
  • Improving Health & Wellbeing


Community-Owned Infrastructure 

We're helping to build the alternative systems & services we're all going to need.  Permanent & resilient community infrastructure focused on:

  • Nature Restoration & Resiliency Against Any Change In Climate 
  • People-owned Economic Systems - focused on local production - providing everyone secure access to healthy food & essential items
  • Permaculture
    • Systems Thinking
    • Design Of Enduring Systems
    • Support Human Society
    • Study Of Integrated Systems


Cost Of Living Crisis

We’re in a great place to try & address this crisis.  Both on a short term basis, but also longer term - with systemic changes.  We want to mitigate the cost-of-living crises by working to establish volunteer-led local economies that are connected regionally & nationally.

  • Helping to build local economies focused on secure access, resiliency and improving community cohesion & inclusion
  • Volunteer opportunities that support & inspire but also offer free / heavily reduced access to food & essential items
  • Standard boxes of organic fruit & veg and staples. People can also create their own order - tailored to their specific family needs.  
  • Volunteer run distribution network - having Collection Points all over England.  We also offer a Home Delivery service to the people that need it.


Nature Restoration & Climate Change

  • Coordinating local groups with plans to launch community hubs & nature-friendly farms and support individuals that run climate-friendly businesses
  • Help individuals & families launch permaculture inspired home gardens
  • Help groups launch local nature-friendly farms (food forests, market gardens & agroforestry projects) that produce healthy food & boost local biodiversity.
  • Preparing for & protecting against the impacts of any change in climate by launching lots of community “farms” that regenerate nature, sequester carbon, focus on water management (droughts & heavy storms) & build local food systems 
  • The groups we’re creating & coordinating encourage nature positive activity & collaboration in the local community. We’re connecting people of all ages, backgrounds & abilities to one another - all focused on this important work


Plan & Target

Funds will allow us to expand into more communities as the demand is huge.  This will increase revenue & will allow us to offer more paid contracts to core volunteers and offer us organisational stability & resiliency.

  • This project will launch a number of local Community Hubs in priority locations - acting as food hubs, packing & warehousing facilities, pop-up retail / local farmers market, volunteer meetups, community services & educational events / workshops
  • Creating a network of local food growers & producers and suppliers of essential items
  • Educational events / workshops that will inspire people on how to contribute to these new systems
  • We’re going to help more local groups launch Community Farms & other growing projects


We’re Looking for £30,000 to Expand & Develop Our Project

  • £1,680 - Room hire at the Agricultural Business Centre - for packing, community hub, volunteer meetups & educational events
  • £2,020 - launch pilot Community growing project - Farmacy Market Garden (lease quarter acre land from a local farmer, legal costs & some equipment)
  • £23,000 - staff costs related to 4 X new roles:
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Community Hub Coordinator (Local Groups & Producers)
    • Distribution Network Coordinator 
    • Marketing Coordinator
  • £500 - extra IT costs 
  • £2,800 - marketing & events 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£100 or more

Pioneer - Farmacy Co-op

Would You Like To Be Part Of Our Exciting Mission? And Participate In Something Paradigm-Shifting! Do You Share Our Vision? Become a Pioneer - turning into a Member (owner) next year at no cost. Contribute as much time as you can & help bring our services to your community. Be part of a national network of people who are "being the change". 4 Weekly zoom meetings. 10% off your personal order. Use our Rewards Program & earn free food

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2 X Standard Boxes

2 X Standard Boxes

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