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by Ullapool Museum in Ullapool, Scotland, United Kingdom

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On 11th January 2022 we successfully raised £6,570 ( + est. £318.75 Gift Aid ) with 55 supporters in 41 days

Covid 19 has left a hole in Ullapool Museum’s Community Engagement Fund. We hope to recoup these funds to ensure we can plan events in 2022.

by Ullapool Museum in Ullapool, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we can raise the larger amount this means we can not only bring our history and culture to life through events we can help our local young people to develop careers in Culture, Heritage and the Arts by providing Summer Internships for Senior School Pupils who wish to develop their skills and proceed to university education in the relevant fields.

This would mean that the Pupil would work for a set number of hours a week during the summer with a fixed bursery at the end. During this time we will provide on the job training and further training oppertunities that will help the you person develop in their chosen humanities career.

By doing this we hope to be able to invest in our local young people and help train and produce the next generation of workers to ensure that local people have oppertunities in their own locality without having to leave for the bigger cities in order to find relevant work.

Covid 19 has left Ullapool Museum with a large hole in our Community Engagement Fund.

Our fundraising activities are self funding, with the funds raised each year from our outreach events funding the following years events.

The decision to cancel these events has meant that the funds raised from them are not available to us.

We are dedicated to continue with our push to develop our website and social media accounts to provide high quality content, however we are eager to get back to in person community events, to engage with our local community on a personal level, and continue to promote Lochbroom's heritage, culture and history.

To go back to a full calender of events we need your help to raise the money we have lost through the cancellation of our fundraising events. 

Below is a range of different events and fundraising activities that have been affected by the pandemic and subsequent closures.

Soup & Sandwiches

Where Ullapool Museum Fundraising Volunteers provided a drop-in Lunch service during the winter months to help combat old age lonlieness, isolation and promote good mental health. This was wildy popular in the community as good food, good company and good chat was always on tap at our Soup and Sandwiches events. 


Vintage Day

Vintage Day had became an annual event for Ullapool Museum and due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been unable to hold our very much loved event. The usual Vintage Tractor Parade followed by the Fun Day at Ullapool Village Hall has been sorely missed and as our largest source of fundraising we have also very much missed the income it generated. We hope that 2022 allows us to continue this tradition, but we need your help to do it.



Medieval Day, VE75 Street Party & Music Concerts

2020 had great amitions of becoming a great events year by introducing new events to our calendar such as Medieval Day, music concerts and a street party to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day. All of which had to be cancelled at considerable cost. With your help we can reignite our plans and hope to bring some of them back onto our Calendar for 2022 or 2023.


Halloween Events

Halloween had always been a special event for Ullapool Museum. It is the last day of our season and we like to go out with a bang.  A recent local tradition saw the young people of Ullapool and Lochbroom start their guising at Ullapool Museum. In 2019 we offered a 'Edinburgh Dungeons' type show teaching the children and the parent of the witches of Lochbroom, with a little bit of fun added in. Children from Gaelic Primary 1 at Ullapool Primary School also got a less scary preview as they came in during the day for a bit of fun learning about their history.



Take Over Day

Take Over Day in 2019 sponsored through Kids in Museums was a huge success and 2019 was intented to be our inaugural event. The Primary 6 Class from Ullapool Primary School took over the running of the museum for the day with huge success!

The pupils received T-Shirts and goodiebags provided by Ullapool Museum and Kids in Museums, without your support we cannot continue to provider this type of community engagement.




This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£50 or more

£50 Reward Mention on Our Supporters Page

For a £50 Donation you will receive One Year membership with Ullapool Museum Trust, which includes free entry to Ullapool Museum, quarterly newsletter etc. You will also be eligable for us to put your name on our 'Support Us' Page on our Website.

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£10 Reward Ullapool Museums Newsletter 1 Year.

A donation of £10 to our cause will grant you access to Ullapool Museum's Quarterly Newsletter which will keep you up to date on how your money has been spent within the Museum

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£15 Reward One Year Annual Membership

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£100 or more

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£100 Reward Ullapool Tour with Highland Historian

For a donation amount of £100 you will receive a personal tour around Ullapool by Andrew Grant MacKenzie aka Highland Historian. Giving a detailed account of the history of Ullapool from its humble beginnings as a Norse farmstead right up to the modern history of the Klondykers and the NC500. Tour lasts roughly 2hrs and is suitable for all ability levels

£250 or more

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£250 Reward Half Day Tour of Lochbroom.

for a donation of £250 you will receive a half day Lochbroom tour curtesy of Andrew Grant MacKenzie aka Highland Historian. This will inculde a bespoke tour around Lochbroom taking in the Iron Age Forts on the Lochside, Ullapool and the archaeology project at Inverlael. Transport is included and participant will be picked up from a convienent location. Tour lasts 4 hrs and is recommended for people who are physically able.

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