Climate Action Support Pathway (CASP)

by CASP (an independent support entity for international activism) in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Climate Action Support Pathway (CASP)

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by CASP (an independent support entity for international activism) in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

More and more ordinary people are doing something extraordinary. 

They are standing up to the government to demand immediate action on the climate crisis. These citizens act with bravery, knowing the repercussions can be extremely difficult to bear. These can range from social exclusion by friends and even family, financial punishment, psychological ill-health, the undermining of their civil rights and adverse effects on their long-term plans. 

We will not let these people act alone. That’s why we are setting up a dedicated Climate Action Support Pathway (CASP).

Our aim is simple. We want to ensure that throughout the process of resistance, support is available for those who need it. For CASP, this is comprehensive - covering everything from community care and therapeutic services; to legal education and prison support. Our specialist units incorporate:

  • Court and Legal guidance - free legal support for those taking action.
  • Support Hotline - dedicated Q&A phone line for legal queries and immediate emotional support. 
  • Police Station Support - supporting those released from police custody.
  • Financial aid: packages for those hardest hit by the courts and prison system.
  • Psychological care: emotional resilience training; mindfulness; action after-care; community trust-building; support for loved ones.
  • Back Office - to oversee support through the criminal justice system and beyond.

“What we do over the next three to four years, I believe, is going to determine the future of humanity”. David King, Former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government.

As the urgency of the climate crisis intensifies, more and more ordinary folks are taking part in civil resistance. This is already being met by new repressive laws from the government. The time to act is now: to challenge the legal framework intent on branding climate activists as criminals. To build our collective resilience in the face of climate catastrophe. To support a community ready to ‘bounce back’ and resist. 

We’re going to need your help. Would you consider donating one hourly wage a month, to support those taking action?

Your donations will cover legal fees, video-content production, therapy sessions, accommodation  support, a range of workshops, outreach teams and community network building. 

Help us grow sustainably, so we can support climate movements to do the same…

  • £22 covers the costs of a legal consequences briefing for those preparing for action. 
  • £40 buys someone a therapy session to support their wellbeing after a high-profile action. 
  • £64 a day supports our specialist staff team to run the legal hotline. 

Can’t donate? Then please share this fundraiser with those who might be able to.

Need to get in touch? Email us here: [email protected] 

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