Ocean Cleaning for Wellbeing Project

by Clean Ocean Sailing in Penryn, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Ocean Cleaning for Wellbeing Project
We did it
On 20th June 2023 we successfully raised £5,515 with 80 supporters in 56 days

We merge marine conservation & social outreach, offering individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to help clean our oceans

by Clean Ocean Sailing in Penryn, Cornwall, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

For every £2 we will be able to pick up one bag full of plastic rubbish

For every £10 we will pick up 10 kg of waste

For every £500 we will collect 5 dumpy bags full of marine plastic washed up by the sea

For every £1000 we will transport a tonne of marine litter under sail to the recycling centre in Exeter. 

Thank you!

Love to the Planet! Love to the Ocean!

We are Clean Ocean Sailing. A Cornish voluntary organisation that dedicates itself to cleaning our coasts and oceans sustainably under sail, and raising awareness about ocean plastics. With the help of The Annette and some smaller crafts, we sail and paddle to remote, inaccessible places to clean up our coast by collecting plastic from the shores and sorting, recording, reusing and recycling it.

We work with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. So far, we have recovered over 55 tons of marine waste. Our central message is to Refuse, Recover, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle the marine plastic devastating our marine environments.  

The Ocean Wellbeing project brings together marine conservation and positive social outreach, offering individuals from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to participate in our ocean clean-up missions.

During sailing trips on our 117 year old traditional wooden boat, Annie, participants can experience sailing, kayaking, rowing and wild swimming alongside activities with a positive environmental impact like beach cleaning, processing marine plastics for recycling and repurposing.

Conversations about mental health provide practical tools and a greater understanding of the benefits of physical activity, time spent in nature, interpersonal relationships and having a sense of purpose along with coping skills to take away, making a lasting difference in participants lives.

Through participation in challenging outdoor activities, working as a team, we aim to build self-confidence and a sense of achievement. The beach cleans allow for a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of human impact on our marine environment and the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem. 

Project therapist Sarah MacQueen is helping provide a safe space and opportunity to explore participants concerns around mental and physical health, covering aspects of personal and climate anxiety, reconnection to self and the natural environment and how to extend these coping skills in their everyday lives.

Some 2022 Ocean Wellbeing participants feedback:

"It was my first time getting on a real boat. Seeing everything from the water was like exploring a whole different world, even more so in the smaller boats. That change in perspective revealed so much more and has prompted me to think about how I can change my own perspective on my life and the opportunities in it; there’s just so much more out there."

"Thank-you for an amazing and hugely transformative day; it was mind-blowing!"

"My favourite moments were moving through the water in the boat powered by the wind, getting involved in pulling ropes and seeing how the boat responded. Doing something to make a positive difference, in my life and in the world."

"It was a hugely empowering and inspiring day, which has really changed things for me. I’m desperate to come back, learn more and grab more plastic!"

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