Chinese in the UK for NHS

by Jian He in London, England, United Kingdom

Chinese in the UK for NHS
We did it
On 29th April 2020 we successfully raised £7,291 with 104 supporters in 28 days

We set up this initiative to source adequate personal protective equipment from China to help the NHS in the fight against coronavirus.

by Jian He in London, England, United Kingdom

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06 April 2020

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have reached our Phase One target of 5000 GBP. We have spent 1113.02GBP and purchased 176 protective coveralls (all made in China) from a reputable supplier in the UK,  and the coveralls are on the way to Renal Department of Hammersmith Hospital.  With its 4 wards and 77 beds, and some renal disease patients who have tested positive for Covid-19, the department consumes about 100 coveralls a week and they are currently experiencing a depletion of their supplies. 


由于我们大家的慷慨解囊,我们已经达到了初期5000英镑的目标,再次感谢! 我们购买了中国制造的176件防护服,总开销1113.02英镑。 所有防护服都在寄往Hammersmith医院的肾脏科室的路途中。 他们有4个病房,77张床位,及部分“新冠”确诊的肾病患者,科室每周消耗防护服约100件,现在防护服储备已经紧张。

About Us

We are a group of Chinese individuals studying and working in the UK. We had successfully fundraised 60K+ GBP worth of medical supplies to help hospitals in China between late January to early March. As the situation of coronavirus deteriorates in the UK, we feel that the Chinese community needs to stand together and help the NHS in the fight against coronavirus. We aim to source adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) of high quality from China, to help the NHS workers who are in desperate need of PPE

  •  We have contacted several hospitals in the UK, including their procurement departments and frontline workers, to understand their needs and requirement, as well as to make sure they are accepting donations. 
  • We have contacted reputable PPE suppliers in China, all purchased supplies would require CE certificate and the adequate EN regulations or equivalent. 
  • All spendings will be made public, we welcome the supervision of the general public.  If you'd like to receive updates about our charitable work, please send an email to [email protected]

We live here, we love here, and we are gonna protect here.


我们是在英国学习、工作的华人自发公益组织(F&F 公益)。我们在一月底到三月初祖国疫情严重的时期成功捐赠了6万多英镑的医疗物资送给中国的医院。 当今英国的疫情逐渐严重,我们觉得在英国的中国人应该齐心协力做点什么来帮助NHS。我们的目标是从中国采购高质量的个人防护产品(防护服、口罩、手套等),来帮助英国NHS的医护人员,同时也为“中国制造”正名。 

  • 我们已经联系了多家医院的采购部门和前线医护人员, 了解他们的需要和要求,并且确保他们接受公共捐赠。 
  • 我们筛选了几家国内的医疗物资供应商,全部购买的产品将要有CE证书和达到相关的欧盟标准 (或同等标准)
  • 所有的开销都将公开, 欢迎社会的监督, 如果您想受到我们的公益进展通知,请发邮件到 [email protected]


We have donated to about 30 hospitals in China, here are some photos of our previous charitable works: 


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