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Being a parent isn't easy. We're there for York families when they need us most.

by Home-Start York in York, York, United Kingdom

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On the 22nd March 2022 we'd raised £4,020 with 41 supporters in 49 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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With your support we can reach more families across the city, building on strengths and changing lives. Help be a part of stories like this:

"I feel like it had given me a chance to get through a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety I had going on, it was a way to unload and not be judged, it gave me a sense of security and it helped me with routine building. It was something I'd always look forward to. Overall a really good experience."

Thank you.

Asking for help often takes courage. With over 50 volunteers and five staff, over 100 local families each year improve their lives through working with us. To us, every family is unique. Each one has different circumstances, different dreams and hopes for the future. We’re there supporting and empowering – meeting need and led by family choices, their journey and their goals.

Our team ethos is one of choice, partnership, openness, encouragement, flexibility, responsiveness and enjoyment.

Here for York since 1988, our charity has supported hundreds of parents and children over those 33 years. Your gift can help us reach more. With the COVID pandemic still detrimentally impacting our funding streams, your support is really valuable in sustaining our work for local families.

For parents when they need us most graphic

“I really struggled with my baby as she was born in lockdown. Not being able to have my family or friends visit absolutely destroyed my confidence so when I was referred to Home-Start York by my health visitor it really gave me hope. The lady who supported me each week was so kind and patient. She really listened so I didn’t feel so alone.” One of the parents our volunteers support.

Cup of tea graphicWe asked our volunteers why they give so much time to support the families we work with. They told us they help families to keep their heads above the water. That their work often saves families from falling into the costly social services safety net, saving families from distress and saving precious public money.

They are powered by a belief that “when someone feels invisible in today’s society, the very act of another person giving their time to listen to their voice is the powerful beginning for change”.

Please support us if you can. Your gift, large or small goes a long way, is appreciated and changes lives. Having a Home-Start York volunteer support in a society where normality is no longer normal and families are struggling with isolation, loneliness, increased mental health issues combined with the worries of making ends meet and feeding their kids is very much valued. Home-Start York volunteers offer support and stability and that voice to be heard when it feels like the world isn’t listening.

Bouncing ball graphicYour donation will help sustain our work. We'll put it towards everything from keeping our volunteers fully trained and supported in their roles, to paying the costs of them travelling to weekly home visits, staff meeting with parents to set up and review their needs, or our work with NHS, council and charity referrers to make sure we can reach those who need us.

Thank you for your generosity.


This project offered rewards

£25 or more

Brings a world of stories and play

Your gift introduces a family to new ways to connect together. Help our volunteers support families to enjoy reading together and playing creatively.

£5 or more

Supports a parent reaching out

Help us be there when a parent needs us most. Your £5 helps us answer a call for support from a new family.

£45 or more

Begins home-visiting family support

Help a parent talk through their needs and goals at home with an experienced staff member and be matched with a trusted volunteer to visit each week, listen, practically work through difficulties and support a family to thrive.

£170 or more

Supports a child prepare for school

Your generosity trains a committed, enthusiastic volunteer in specific support skills to work with a family and help prepare a child for the transition to education.

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