Charlies Marathon & 250km Cornish Ultra for Malawi

Charlies Marathon & 250km Cornish Ultra for Malawi


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Started on 19th May 2021 Harrietsham, England, United Kingdom

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Charlie Horne posted an update on 18th June 2021

250km Cornish Coast Ultra, 5 days, 20th-25th September 2020 - ROUTE


The route...

*If anyone fancies joining me on legs of the below PLEASE let me know, the more the merrier :)!! This route is absolutely stunning, with the insane views overlooking the ocean and the surrounding nature and trails I'll be lucky enough to run (walk / climb) through 

1st day:

Tintagel to Mawgan Porth

* 0km - 62.5km

* 1st pit stop: Port Isaac 14.6km (14.6km)

* 2nd pit stop: Polzeath 28.9km (14.3km)

* 3rd Pit Stop: Rock 33.5km (4.6km)

* 4th pit stop: Treyarnon Bay 51.8km (18.3km)

* Final Stop:   62.5km (10.7km)


2nd Day:

Mawgan Porth to Godrevy Point

* 62.5km - 121.8km (59.3km)

* 1st pit stop: Newquay 71.8km (9.3km)

* 2nd pit stop: Perranporth 92km (20.2km)

* 3rd pit stop: St Agnes Head 100.9km (8.9km)

* 4th pit stop: Portreath 111.9km (11km)

* Final Stop: 121.8km (9.9km)


3rd Day:

Godrevy Point to Porthcurno

* 121.8km - 187.4km (65.6km)

* 1st pit stop: St Ives 140km (18.8km)

* 2nd pit stop: Zennor Head 151km (10.4km)

* 3rd pit stop: Cape Cornwall 169km (18km)

* 4th Pit stop: Sennen Cove 177.3km (8.3km)

* Final stop 187.4km (10.1km)


4th Day:

Porthcurno to Praa Sands

* 187.4km - 221.1km (33.7km)

* 1st pit stop: Mousehole 200km (12.6km)

* 2nd Pit stop: Marazion 210.9km (10.9km)

* Final Stop: 221.1km (10.2km)


Last Day!!

Praa Sands to Lizard Point

* 221.1km - 247.4km (26.3km)

* Pit stop: Polurrian Cove 238.5km (17.4km)

* Final finisher!! 250km (11km)

 Spam my man will be leading the way in the Van, I'll be sorting an Instagram / blog page somewhere down the line to share my adventure 

Feel free to leave feedback xx

Charlie Horne posted an update on 5th October 2021

Thank you

Thanks to all you amazing peeps supporting me and this wonderful charity. To those who are anonymous and i can’t thank personally, i hope you see this !!

it was in whole an awesome experience, mentally and physically pushing my limits and seeing where it would take me ! Learnt a lot and will write a blog soon

The Cornish coastline and Piskie mysteries are stunning and definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been

A special thanks to Penny and Neil Walker - your lovely message and support helped get me up that Thursday morning when felt pretty exhausted !

The stats: 

Total distance: 250k exact across 5 days
Total time: 32 hours, 31mins, 23secs
Total ascent: 7071m
Total descent: 7291
Total Cals: 13,579

Virtual London Marathon: 3hrs 44mins 

 Y’all are all awesome, loved all my lil messages too ha 

Thanks again 


250k Ultra Marathon Cornish Teaser followed by a 26 Miler Finisher for the incredible African Vision Malawi - a heartfelt charity set up in Malawi, Africa that work with and through communities to develop long-term and sustainable solutions to the welfare of orphans and vulnerable people through holistic education, health, environmental & self-sufficiency programmes 

Theses guys have been operating for 16 years and supporting 60,000 people. Including supporting 4,000. orphans in their communities along with 474 people with disabilities

They're passionate about the environment, paying close attention to ecological building, reforestation, permaculture and clean water - and I am just brushing the surface here!

My Partner's mother Heather Palmer (HP like my fav wizard) grew up in Malawi, a place that she calls home, since returning over 16 years ago she realised that her childhood home needed her help. This is when she (with the help from her family and friends) set up this awesome charity calling it 'Landirani' which simply means in Chichewa ‘please receive’ (Fun fact :D). 

Anyhow nuff said check them out @ AND... of course more than happy to introduce if wish to chat & hear more from HP and the gang themselves <3

Why the cheeky Fundraising challenge....

As many of you know I enjoy putting myself through endurance pain blasters, each new challenge requiring more physical and mental pain than the previous :D

I have always wanted to take part in the London Marathon, so I am super excited to have been given an opportunity to take part in this years Virtual London Marathon (basically meaning I can run wherever I happen to be ;)) SO HUGE Thank you African Vision Malawi!!

However to give it a spicy kick...

... And to continue my secret (not so secret) goal to run an ultra marathon every year :D - this felt like the perfect opportunity to also run my 2021 ultra 

SO my friends, I have decided to add to my London Marathon challenge with a cheeky 250km Ultra to kick it all off with, running over 5 days across the BEAUTIFUL Cornish Coast line. 

A 250km trail event is something I have also been dreaming about, since taking part in my first Ultra Marathon, Race to the Stones 100k in the summer 2019!! With Covid suspending many organised events I have become increasingly interested in creating my own challenge which 'could' be WAY more fun.... along with many more logistical 'bugger' ups ;)! 

After the stunning mountainous and arduous ascents and descents of the HK100 Ultra last January 2020 I thought the Cornish Coast would be a great match to test my limits!

Please find the route in my next post!

Thank you all and again no donation is too small, these guys are truly achieving amazing things for Malawi communities and any support is greatly appreciated 

Love ya'll... 

Chaz, Lil Twig, Chuckles, C Dawg, Charles Xavier, Charleston Horne.... x


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7th February 2022 at 2:27am
Hannah & Nick Lewis commented

What an amazing achievement! All your hard work and training has paid off and supported an amazing charity! You should be very proud of yourself. Love you, Hans & Nick xx

18th October 2021 at 2:57pm
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9th October 2021 at 2:10pm
Jonathan Amouyal commented

Impressive! Go on Charlie!!

6th October 2021 at 5:13pm
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6th October 2021 at 5:13pm

Greg Peebles commented

Well done Charlie!

6th October 2021 at 2:37pm
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6th October 2021 at 2:37pm
Charlie Horne posted a new update
5th October 2021 at 11:41am
Kira Phillips commented

Such an epic distance! Well down Cornish running Piskie! x

1st October 2021 at 3:32pm
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1st October 2021 at 3:28pm