Building a Changing Places Toilet in Tyndrum

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We want to build a Changing Places Toilet in Tyndrum, a specialised washrooms kitted out for those need to be hoisted onto the toilet.

Project by Tyndrum infrastructure group

Imagine you go on a day out and you're unable to use a toilet all day...

This is currently a reality for severely disabled people who cannot use regular accessible toilet who travel to the West of Scotland and that's why many are avoiding this stunning part of our country.  

Building the Changing Places Toilet in Tyndrum would mean an immense improvement of quality of life for disabled individuals and their families.

What are changing places toilets?

Changing Places Toilets are specialised washrooms kitted out for those that need to be hoisted onto the toilet and cannot use regular accessible toilets. 

Why do we want to build a changing places toilet in Tyndrum?

Changing Places Toilets are crucial for severely disabled people and their families to enable them to travel about rural Scotland comfortably and with dignity. 

Currently, there’s a shortage of these crucial facilities in Scotland. There are none between Crieff & Barra. The area without changing places facilities in West Scotland is bigger than Wales.


Geographically, Tyndrum is a strategic hub with millions of vehicles passing through every year.

At a workshop in 2021 run by Calmac and Pamis (a Scottish charity that works solely with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and their families for a better life.) it was decided that Tyndrum was the number 1 priority for a CPT facility in Scotland.

Building the Changing Places Toilet in our beautiful village of Tyndrum will have an immense benefit for disabled individuals and their families. These facilities will be located at The Green Welly Stop and will enable many people to enjoy the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

The Lack of Public Funding - Sign the petition

The 2021 SNP election manifesto contained a pledge for a £10m funding pot to be set aside which was promised to improve the network of CPTs throughout Scotland and bring them into line with the network in England.

To date, this fund has not opened and there are no details about when it will open and what criteria will be used for awarding funds to projects.

We launched a parliamentary petition to raise this issue with the Scot Gov and unlock the fund. 


How much do Changing Places Toilets cost?

We've been on this journey for over 7 years. We are now finally in the position to apply for planning permission and raise the capital necessary to build the changing places facility which is estimated to be approximately £250K.

We are currently crowdfunding £10,000 that will help us with some of the cost at the start.  

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