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by Lynsey Pollard in London, England, United Kingdom

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"Storybook princesses never look like me."Jade, 6. Help Rochelle Humes & Little Box of Books Change the Story for millions of children.

by Lynsey Pollard in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 17th July 2020 we'd raised £55,040 with 991 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

More money will help us diversify even more school book collections, reaching even more children with inclusive books. this means more children will see themselves in stories, more children will understand and accept difference. We want to reach all primary schools with inclusive and representative books so please keep giving!

All our children need to see themselves in the books they read, and see into the lives of others to help them understand the world - and their place in it.     

Diverse bookshelves for schools             

With your help, Rochelle Humes and Little Box of Books are going to send thousands of diverse and inclusive storybooks to primary schools all over the UK. We want our children to grow up to be anti-racist, to grow up understanding that 'normal' is different for everyone. We need children to understand and celebrate diversity and to see themselves represented in all aspects, and at all levels, of society. Change begins with children.


Only 4% of children’s books published in 2018 had a main character of Black, Asian or minority ethnic origins - despite the fact that 33% of our schoolchildren are of Black, Asian or minority ethnic origins. 

We need to Change the Story

Children reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of future success; we know that if a child learns to love reading, they have a better chance of doing well in all subjects at school and in later life. But children who do not recognise themselves in books are much less likely to engage with them. Many schools do not have library space at all – and these schools are often in the most disadvantaged areas. 

Stop the Damage

1592370844_twoboys.jpgStories can excite and inspire, but they can also perpetuate stereotype and privilege, negatively affecting a child’s ability to recognise and realise their potential. Over time, certain ideas cement themselves in a child’s mind: that all superheroes are white, all explorers come from rich families, or all detectives are male. The damage is subtle, rarely discussed, and ultimately devastating. 

Everybody's different, everybody's normal

Inclusive books remind children that there are many different normalities beyond their own. They can encourage children to dream bigger, more ambitious dreams. Inclusive books can help children recognise their own white privilege. Inclusive books can inspire confidence, excitement and a sense that any child can achieve their potential, regardless of the colour of their skin, their gender or their background. 



After 3 months of coronavirus lockdown, children have spent an unprecedented amount of time in their own version of normal. Now, more than ever before they are going to need books to show how wonderfully diverse families, communities and societies are. Books will help them transition back into school life, will once again provide a valuable outside influence they so desperately need to develop open minded, understanding and respectful people.

Diverse libraries for all schools

We believe all primary schools need a full, diverse and vibrant collection of children’s books. They need real life books that they don't read off a device or via an app. Through our campaign ‘Change the Story’, Little Box of Books is going to raise £55,000 – enough to deliver 10,000 beautifully written, potentially life-changing books to hundreds of schools in underprivileged parts of the UK. Books that reflect the wonderful diversity of our population, helping the next generation to celebrate and embrace difference, helping them to unleash their true potential.


How your money will be spent

£50 will fund an inclusive bookshelf in a school

£100 provides a classroom with a collection of inclusive books

£500 provides one school in a disadvantaged area with a library of books, promoting a love of reading in thousands of children

£1,000 provides one school in a disadvantaged area with an inclusive library of books AND gives you the opportunity to nominate a school of your choice. They will receive a library full of inclusive books, doubling your impact.

Little Box of Books supplies diverse and inclusive book boxes to families and schools in subscription and one-off boxes. 

Your donations will help them to reach even more children with books that better reflect our population. To find out more about what they do, head to


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This project offered rewards

£50 or more

You've bought a bookshelf of books!

You’ve bought around ten beautifully diverse books for a school. That is going to help more children see themselves in the stories they read and will transform their relationship with books! Thank you so much. As a token of our appreciation, we are going to send you a limited-edition tote bag, two beautiful books for your collection at home and £5 off a 3-month subscription to Little Box of Books

£10 or more

Transforming bookshelves, changing lives

As a thank you for your donation your name will be added to the donor page on our website. Thank you for helping more children to see themselves in stories.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

For £20, not only will you be giving a school a brilliant start to their diverse collection of books, but you will also get one beautiful book for any children in your life.

£30 or more

Add to your own book collection while donating

A wonderful start to a diverse library of books for any schools, and for you, a special limited-edition tote bag featuring our campaign logo and two magical books for your children’s bookshelf

£100 or more

An amazingly diverse classroom collection of books

When you donate £100 you buy a classroom collection of books that reflect the wonderful diversity of our population, teaching children that everybody is equally important and everybody matters. As a big thank you from us, we hope you will love the limited edition ‘Change the Story’ tote bag, we’re going to send you. Inside you’ll find a Change the Story frisbee, two wonderful children’s books for your library and £5 off a three-month subscription

£500 or more

Diversifying the library

When you donate £500, you provide a disadvantaged school with a library of books, promoting a love of reading in thousands of children, enabling those children to see the full diversity of the world around them – helping them to recognise and realise their potential. As a thank you from us you will get You get a Change the Story goody bag with a frisbee a t-shirt, a branded tote bag, three beautiful books and £5 off a three month subscription wit

£1,000 or more

You choose a school!

If you donate £1000, not only will you diversify the book collection of a school in a disadvantaged area of the UK, with over 100 amazing brand new books but we will also do the same for a school of your choosing. Give the gift of reading to thousands of children, receive the Change the Story goodie bag including £5 off a three month subscription from Little Box of Books.

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