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by Cameron in Deeside, Flintshire, United Kingdom

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Empowering the community through dynamic spaces: cafe meet-ups, workshops & recreational activities. Join us in building their future

by Cameron in Deeside, Flintshire, United Kingdom

We are Sports For Champions UK (CIC), a community-driven organisation deeply committed to educating, enabling, and empowering young individuals across our great nation. Our key focus aligns with the national agenda for child welfare, public health, and safety.

Introducing The Next Big Step: The Community Hub and Champs Café.

As part of our ongoing mission, we are launching our Community Hub initiative. More than just a sports facility, the Community Hub aims to foster a nurturing, inspiring environment for champions and their families.


A crucial component of this hub is our Champs café, which will provide affordable, nutritious meals to our sports enthusiasts and the broader community. Nutrition is a fundamental cornerstone of sports performance and overall wellbeing, and we are dedicated to ensuring that financial constraints don't compromise this. The café will not just serve meals but will also serve as a platform for community interaction, creating a nurturing space for shared experiences. Local sports clubs will be invited during term times with discounted food to provide a safe and nurturing facility to engage the community. All excess food from the café will be donated to the local community through charity partners.

Our ambitious yet achievable target is to raise £14,000. These funds are integral to realising our vision for the Community Hub and Café. The proceeds will be used for refurbishing the location and acquiring necessary kitchen equipment. The refurbishment includes flooring, heating, lighting and construction of the cafe. Ensuring we can provide the best quality food we are looking to purchase a hob, pizza oven, fryers and a hot/cold deli counter.

When opening we will focus on sourcing healthy ingredients from our local form shops and most importantly, creating employment opportunities for local residents.

1698395992_img_4215.jpgYour Role:

Your contributions can catalyse the transformation we envision. Every pound donated will bring us closer to constructing an environment that nurtures health, community spirit, and the champions of the future. 

Let's rally together for this cause, championing the change we aspire to see in our communities. Always remember, together we are champions, and together, we can construct a brighter future.

Our Journey So Far:

Over a decade, our robustly successful programmes have touched the lives of over 1.5 million young individuals, fuelling their ambitions and encouraging healthier, active lifestyles. We have worked tirelessly, raising an incredible £7 million for schools and a further £4 million for athletes.

We believe in unity and collective growth, which has seen us engaging over 100 schools, clubs, and corporations monthly. Our concerted efforts focus on wellness, nutrition, determination, and success, stimulating increased participation in sports and active lifestyles.

Measurable Impact:

Our approach is working. We have seen a 21% surge in interactivity levels in sports and a 34% rise in classroom participation among our young champions. Moreover, we've noted a 29% boost in confidence and knowledge of PE and Sport, signalling a holistic improvement in their mental and physical health.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

Free coffee and biscuits

Donate £10 or more and drop in for a free coffee and biscuits.

£75 or more

Champs Café Travel Mug

Donate £75 or more and receive a bespoke Champs Café branded Travel Mug.

£200 or more

Promote your business through Champs Café website

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