Chain House Brewing Co. Taproom

by Ryan Hayes in New Longton, England, United Kingdom

Chain House Brewing Co. Taproom
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On 8th June 2021 we successfully raised £13,755 with 201 supporters in 41 days

We need your help to move and expand Chain House Brewing Co., and bring Preston its first City Centre Brewery Tap.

by Ryan Hayes in New Longton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The initial fundraiser will not cover the costs of everything we have to pay for, reaching this target will help cover more of the costs of the project.

Who are Chain House Brewing Co.?

Chain House Brewing Co. are a nano brewery currently brewing on a 450-litre kit out of a garage in New Longton, Preston. We are focused on brewing the best and freshest craft beers from Pales to DIPA’s, Sours to Imperial Stouts. 

The Future 

As previously mentioned, we are currently brewing out of a garage, so space is extremely limited and at maximum capacity. We have been looking for a bigger space for a while now, to keep up with demand, accommodate the brewery, and introduce a brewery taproom, but with COVID hitting everything came to a halt. 

We have recently been involved in some exciting talks about a location right in the heart of Preston City Centre, with the plan to move the brewery into this new premises, expand production with more fermenters, and have an onsite taproom – making it Preston’s first city-centre brewery tap! Although the space isn’t going to be huge, the main focus will be to produce the beer for the taproom, with small amounts still being made available to trade.

We Need Help!

Obviously, this is going to be quite a big project for our small team to carry out, so any help we can get will be greatly appreciated. We are asking for any help at all, whether it be a direct monetary contribution or by willing to get your hands dirty by getting involved in the project itself.

The current property is going to undergo a full conversion in order for it to accommodate a Brewery and Taproom, which is going to take a lot of work. For this reason, the funding we require will help contribute towards some of the following costs -

  • Flooring/drainage for the brewery

●      Utilities- plumbing and wiring the brewhouse/taproom

●      Cold store and refrigeration for packaged beer/cellar for bar

●      Fitting out the bar (Taps, lines etc.)

●      Furniture for the bar

●      Glassware/Glasswasher/Other bar equipment 

●      Various business fees (planning, licensing etc.)

●      Health and safety measures

●       Expansion of the brewery- more tanks = more beer!

Once the brewery has been installed and is back to being operational, we will still only have the two fermenters, meaning we can only have two beers on the go at once. So, the next step would be to expand the brewery itself meaning extra tank capacity. 

We aim to complete this project by the end of Summer 2021, but hopefully with as much help as possible this could be even sooner!

Why Preston?

We love Preston, it is a great city. There are already numerous fantastic pubs and bars in and around the City and we want to expand on it. We’d love to make Preston a destination, not only for locals, but for people to travel to from further afield. With more exciting places for people to visit comes more of a reason for people to explore all that Preston has to offer! 

Preston is also full of history, especially when it comes to breweries. At one point there were literally hundreds of brewers making beer for their pubs. The space we’re looking at was actually once a brewhouse, so bringing its original use back to life would be really cool.  

We have also experienced first-hand Preston’s great community spirit, especially within the beer drinking culture. We want to make this space inclusive and welcome to everyone, and with your help we believe we can achieve this. We understand that times have been extremely difficult over the last year, in many ways including financially, so any support at all would be incredibly appreciated, even if it’s just a share of the crowdfunding link to friends and family to help spread the word.

History of the Brewery 

It all started from home-brewing around 2014, firstly with extract kits and then onto all-grain brewing with a Grainfather. Growing up on Chain House Lane, the name ‘Chain House’ was coined for these home brews. After reading a blog about how to set up a ‘Bedroom Brewery’ in early 2017, Chain House was registered as an official company and brewery in September 2017. Whilst still brewing on the Grainfather, releases of one-off Pins (half cask) and 20L kegs were available until it became too inefficient and demand grew. At the end of 2017 a deposit was put down on a 3BBL (~450L) brewery, and unfortunately due to issues and delays with the supplier, the first 3BBL batch of beer was brewed in May 2019. This is the kit that is still in use, with a 300L and 500L fermenter.

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Beer and T-Shirt

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Brew Day Experience

Come and help brew a beer with a friend at the new brewery tap, lunch and beer included plus 6 pints or crowlers of the beer once its ready.

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Design Your Own Beer

Design your own beer, name it and brew it. You and two friends can get involved with it all. You will each also get 12 pints/crowlers of the finished beer.

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