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SAVE OUR SERVICES! Please help CAUK raise £30,000 to be able to continue their comprehensive support of all those affected by Cavernoma.

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Cavernoma Alliance UK

CAUK offers wonderful support around the clock for those affected by cavernoma, and their families, carers and friends.  We provide our members with consistent access to a variety of invaluable support services, all completely free of charge, including:

· Our support and information helpline and website
· Up to date information about cavernoma
· Therapy services
· CaverBuddies peer-to-peer support scheme
· Regular talks and webinars, community chats and get-togethers
· CaverFamily events
· Youth group events
· Wellness sessions for mental health
· Our 'Annual Forum' with workshops and professional inputs
· Our work in the CARE study, which attempts to find the most effective treatment for a cavernoma
·  Provision of regular relevant medical and research updates

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and our constantly increasing number of members in need these vital services are now very much at risk.
We need your help!

In 2021 the cost of providing support to our members totaled £130,000.  Roughly half of our income is raised by applying for appropriate grants from allocating bodies.  Unfortunately, more and more charities are applying for such grants and in these challenging post-COVID times it is proving more and more difficult to raise the funds we have in the past.  

So we urge all of our members and family, friends and colleagues, to join our plight and help us raise £30,000 to save our services. 

Help CAUK continue to support all those affected by Cavernoma. 

Together we can make this happen!

Thank you. 


Anonymous pledged £40 + an est. £10.00 in Gift Aid

29th June 2022 at 6:01pm

Tim Ho commented

Just came back from the Portsmouth Philharmonic Orchestra charity concert for the Cavernoma Alliance UK where I met the lovely Tracey Hammond and her volunteers!

25th June 2022 at 11:38pm
Tim Ho pledged £100
25th June 2022 at 11:26pm
Samantha Smith pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid
20th June 2022 at 6:37pm
James Dunbar commented

Happy to support

18th June 2022 at 1:26pm
James Dunbar pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid
18th June 2022 at 1:25pm
Anonymous pledged £450 + an est. £112.50 in Gift Aid

17th June 2022 at 10:00am

Anonymous pledged £100 + an est. £25.00 in Gift Aid

16th June 2022 at 9:32pm

Anonymous pledged £30 + an est. £7.50 in Gift Aid

15th June 2022 at 10:44pm

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