CASA REOM TRUST - Staff Accomodation Block

Casa Reom Trust is currently raising funds for the Staff Accomodation Block which will house both families and single volunteers looking after the children who live at Casa Reom

CASA REOM TRUST - Staff Accomodation Block
Please be aware that after 27th June 2023, you will no longer be able to use Nectar points as a way to donate to this project.

Casa Reom Trust is a UK charity which helps children and families in Beira, Mozambique. We raise funds towards the development and running of the Casa Reom centre that looks after children in need: loving them, parenting them, schooling them, and teaching them employment skills. We also support Escola Reom, a community primary school for over 600 children children with a Christian ethos.

Our vision for Casa Reom is that the site will be fully developed with buildings of good quality that will last for generations to come.  We also want to assist the team in Mozambique to change the lives of future generations of boys and girls in Mozambique through teaching in the primary school Escola Reom and the training and development of life skills in the orphans who are brought up at Inhamizua.

Our vision as a trust is to help the evolution of a sustainable work that transforms lives in a positive and practical way to overcome the dependence on aid and donations and to build strong families and communities to Mozambique in the future.

Any funds raised in excess of what is required for the Accomodation block will be used to fulfill these general aims.


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Iain Slater
27th June 2023 at 6:17am

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18th May 2023 at 10:30am

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Iain Slater
25th December 2022 at 7:01pm

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Iain Slater
21st October 2022 at 10:46am

For all my friends at Casa Reom with my love and prayers.

Iain Slater
21st October 2022 at 10:45am

pledged £500 + an est. £125.00 in Gift Aid on Celebrating my 60th Birthday

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Stephen Parr
20th October 2022 at 10:40pm

Happy 60th Birthday Iain - hope you have a great day!

Rebekah Cartledge
16th October 2022 at 6:04pm

Happy Birthday Iain! Blessings to you and Casa Reom. Becky and Mark x

15th October 2022 at 11:52am

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13th October 2022 at 8:19pm

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