Cardiff girl trapped in Yemen

by Lucy Hewer in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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Bring Safia Home.

by Lucy Hewer in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

From Jackie Saleh:

In 1986 my three children in Cardiff were abducted by my ex-husband and taken to the Yemen.

I searched for them but didn't see them again for 15 years, when they managed to get in contact with me. My daughter Safia is now trapped in Yemen. She's living in terrible conditions and her town is being bombed.

I need to get her out. Safia is a British citizen but the Foreign Office have said they're unable to do anything to help her. The only way for Safia to come home is by raising the money to pay for her flights out of Yemen. 

Getting out of the Yemen is very difficult. The flights are really expensive and I don't have the money to pay for them by myself. I'm already spending all my money on food and medicine for Safia. The price has skyrocketed since the war started. I really need some people to help me. 

This is every mother's worst nightmare. My child is living in a terrible war zone and just wants to come home. Please help me.

Safia and Rahannah, before they were abducted.

From Lucy Hewer, Jackie's daughter who was born after the abductions:

I really want my sister to come home. She was taken from my mother and I've never had the chance to get to know her. I've been speaking to her on the phone and the situation is really bad. 

I just want her to come back to Cardiff so we can finally get to know each other. My mum has been through so much and she deserves the chance to live with Safia.

Safia's living conditions are not good. Her and her children have gotten typhoid. We're spending money on their food and medicine. The prices have all gone up since the war started. But now we just really need to bring Safia home. Please help.

Safia's living conditions in Yemen

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