Cannabis: What every parent needs to know

by Terry Hammond in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, United Kingdom


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I hope your donation will enable me to give my book free to parents to help reduce teenagers developing cannabis induced mental illness.

by Terry Hammond in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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Why this book is important for parents 

Scientists have now produced compelling evidence that the new strains of cannabis are seriously damaging the mental health of increasing numbers of teenagers. In parts of London, 30% of all new cases of psychosis have been linked to cannabis use; in Amsterdam, the figure is a staggering 50%. I have written my book informing parents about these very real dangers. My book, 'Gone To Pot-Cannabis: What Every Parent Needs To Know', is a step by step guide on how parents can help steer their children away from using dangerous substances such as cannabis. My book also includes expert information on what to do if a young teenager is using cannabis or, worst, is showing signs of mental health issues. I would like to emphasise that my book is not about demonising cannabis or its users but simply telling the facts as they are. 


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The book is in five parts: 

  • Part one tells a very powerful story of the impact cannabis has had on the author’s family. How they looked on helpless as their son fell into the abyss of cannabis-induced mental illness and how, with the help of family, friends and professionals, they were able to rescue him from the depths of psychosis 
  • Part two gives a historical and scientific background to what some scientists describe as one of the most complex plants in nature. How ancient civilisation used it for medicine and how they also believed it brought about demons. Part two goes on to explain the science behind why cannabis can both heal and harm users and provides compelling evidence of the link between cannabis and psychosis.
  • Part three is an expert guide on how parents can help their children avoid cannabis and empower them to make informed choices if they are offered cannabis or any other mind-altering substance.
  • Part four is aimed at parents struggling with a teenage son or daughter using cannabis or is experiencing cannabis-induced mental illness. This section is full of helpful advice and information to help parents navigate the health and social care system.
  • Part five looks at the broader impact of cannabis on society and exposes the link cannabis has with violence and the worrying growth in knife crime. Part five also explores the issue of whether cannabis should be legalised and suggests a pragmatic way forward for the UK.

 "This is an excellent book full of useful advice about cannabis, psychosis and how to navigate the care system.“

Sir Professor Robin Murray FRS. (One of the world's leading scientists on cannabis and psychosis).

Why I am Crowdfunding

My book has been primarily written for parents as increasing numbers of teenagers are turning to cannabis. As one teacher told me, "It's not the smell of tobacco you smell behind the bike sheds any more, it's cannabis". By supporting my  Crowdfunding appeal, you will enable me to send my book free to parents through organisations that can reach out to families: schools, youth clubs, Sure Start,  social services, etc. As a retired health professional who has seen the impact cannabis has had on unsuspecting families and someone who has seen their own son succumb to cannabis-induced mental illness, I want as many parents as possible to understand these dangers and to be armed with the knowledge to confront cannabis if it affects their son, daughter or any other member of the family. The more I raise through Crowdfunding, the more parents I can reach-out too.

My son Steve, on the mend from cannabis induced psychosis.


Starting my project local

Crowdfunding will enable me to pilot my book in NW Leicestershire, where I will be contacting a number of specific schools, social services and family and parent organisations. Your support will enable me to send copies of my book free to these organisations, who can pass copies on to parents. If the pilot goes well and people value my book, I will look to get it published through-out the Midlands and eventually the UK. At this stage I intend to self-publish to keep the cost of the book as low as possible. I will also explore getting my book subsidised through grant giving organisation, so the book is in reach of low-income families. 

This is a very important and powerful book”

(Marjorie Wallace CBE - Hon Fellow RCPsych - Founder and CEO SANE).

Cannabis - a Time -Bomb few people seem to have heard go off.

(From my book 'Gone To Pot').


(Photo from Flickr)

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