Campaign for Female Rights

by Forwomen.Scot in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Campaign for Female Rights
We did it
On 15th January 2020 we successfully raised £14,730 with 252 supporters in 28 days

Campaign of information outreach to ensure women's and girls' rights are defended during the Scottish government consultation on GRA reform.

by Forwomen.Scot in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We are absolutely thrilled to have met our initial target so quickly; many thanks to everyone who has donated.

This will allow us to do so much towards defending women's rights. As ever though, the more funds we have the more we can do! 

The Campaign

This is urgent: the government has just launched a public consultation on a draft bill to reform the Gender Recognition Act, which will run until 17 March 2020. This bill has been drafted without the input of women's groups, and every single political party has so far utterly failed to acknowledge the negative impact this will have on women's rights. This is why a public awareness campaign is so important and why we need your help.

The Scottish government is planning to introduce a law to allow anyone to choose the sex written on their birth certificate.

A recent YouGov poll showed that only 18% of the electorate support this idea but this will count for nothing unless everyone knows about the consultation and has the chance to make their views known.

The intention is to make the legal process easier for transgender people. However, this will be at the cost of women's rights and will effectively signal the end of male-free spaces for women and girls. Service providers are already 'running ahead' of the law and allowing any man who says he's a women into their women-only spaces. The proposed GRA reform will see self-identification of sex cemented into Scottish law; the final nail in the coffin.

We have an exciting programme planned for campaign adverts, videos, legal explainers, information packs, and campaigning materials for local groups - with the generous help of a fantastic team of filmmakers, designers and lawyers, and the expertise of Fair Play for Women who ran a successful campaign for the recent UK consultation on the GRA.

The proponents of sex self-ID have huge budgets and major institutional supporters on their side; we have a brilliant team of volunteers and a phenomenal reserve of goodwill on ours. We now need your help in hitting our £10,000 total to pay for these materials. The public must know the whole story. Everyone must know what is at stake. Women in particular deserve to be informed about the implications of sex self-ID. Our campaign will make that happen.

Who Are We?

Forwomen.Scot is a non-political group of women from all walks of life across Scotland who have come together to defend women's and girls' rights. We are run entirely by a team of volunteers and have worked hard over the last eighteen months to bring this issue to public attention and to represent women's concerns to the government.

We ask for rational, evidence-led debate that includes all stakeholders before any legal changes are made that affect our existing legal sex-based rights.

Why is this Important?

The Scottish government has just (17th December 2019) launched a public consultation on a draft bill for reform of the Gender Recognition Act which will enshrine self-ID in law. If this legal change goes ahead, any man, whether transgender or not, will be able to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate by a simple on-demand process, and subsequently change the marker on his birth certificate to Female. He may declare to a public notary that he intends to live as his chosen sex: but with no checks or safeguards and no requirement to make any surgical, physical, behavioural or other change, there will be no objective way of disproving his word.

Sex self-ID will in practice destroy all female-only space and activities, as the law governing single-sex protections will become practically unenforceable on the ground.  Supporters of self-ID tell us our sex-based rights will be unaffected, but this is untrue. When any man can opt into the female sex, while protected by strict privacy rules that hide his transgender status, no one can challenge his right to enter a space lawfully reserved for natal females. When any man has the right to be female, single-sex protections lose all meaning. 

Like all decent people in this country, we want transgender men and women to be able to live in peace and dignity, to flourish and prosper as human beings in their chosen presentation, and to get access to the services they need. But this must not come at the expense of women’s and girls’ rights.

Women’s hard won single-sex spaces are still desperately needed. As long as men are responsible for 98% of sexually motivated crimes, as long as more than 85,000 women are raped in the UK every year, and 510,000 women are assaulted, as long as more than two women a week are murdered by their male partner, as long as males are bigger, stronger and more prone to violence than females, we will need single-sex showers, toilets, changing-rooms, refuges, prisons, hospital wards, and sports.

Women have been subjected to vicious personal attacks simply for asking rational questions about self-identification of sex. We’ve been vilified, no-platformed and silenced, reported to our employers and political parties, prevented from speaking by masked activists at public events, and physically assaulted for the heresy of defending our rights. The ferocity of these attempts to bully women into acquiescing has been astonishing to witness. But we are not going to shut up.  In a liberal democracy, women are entitled to talk about issues that concern us, demand impartial facts and enforce our rights. With your help we can make sure that everyone understands exactly what sex self-ID really means for women and girls.

Thank you for joining the fight to protect female sex-based rights. Help us get the message out there, for the sake of our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, our partners, and ourselves!

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