'Calcutta': help Baroque & Indian music meet again

by Katie De La Matter in London, England, United Kingdom

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Help Ensemble Tempus Fugit bring Baroque & Indian music together in a show celebrating crossover music in 18th-century Calcutta. Join us!

by Katie De La Matter in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thank you!   We're so happy that so many people have backed this effort to get multicultural early music onstage.  Please support and share this page to help us prepare an expanded future tour of Calcutta, and to help Ensemble Tempus Fugit bring more connected projects like Calcutta to its audiences.

Any further money raised will go towards expanding our tour of Calcutta: we've had interest from the Gregynog Festival, the Cotswolds Festival of Music, the University of Surrey, and others. We'd love to take the project to areas that don't see much in the way of arts activities as well, with inexpensive/free admission to allow anyone to attend. Every pound raised will go towards polishing the current tour, and preparation of a larger tour of Calcutta around the UK in the near future.

We're raising funds to put on a revival tour of 'Calcutta', a unique theatrical project that brings together English Baroque and Indian Classical music, and explores period crossover between the two in the 18th century.

Watch our short video above for the full story!

Who are we?

Ensemble Tempus Fugit is a historical music group making new work with connection at its heart.

Everything we do opens doors beyond our core historical performance practice. We play around with concert expectations, cultures, and sensory perceptions, and blend them with an element of surprise to deepen the music's connection with you, the audience.

This approach results in unique projects like Calcutta.


What is 'Calcutta'? 

Inspired by true stories of Baroque English musicians jamming with Indian Classical musicians in 18th-century Calcutta, this theatrical performance illuminates the power of multiculturalism, then and now. There is something new for everyone in this revealing experience.


And what’s the plan?

We premiered this show in 2009 with two sold-out performances, and support from the Arts Council.

We want to reinvent it for 2017 with freshly researched music, add the voices of new artists, and stage it with fabulous new costume, design and puppets for performances at Brighton’s Early Music Festival and at Tara Arts, a gorgeous multicultural theatre in London. 

We've spent the past year coordinating an outstanding lineup of artists for the reboot, including renowned sitarist Sanjay Guha, countertenor James Hall, Indian classical singer Debipriya Sircar, puppeteer Lori Hopkins, designer Austèja Znaidauskaite & director Francesca Bridge-Cicic, who will join lutenist Jamie Akers, Baroque violinist George Clifford, early winds specialist Emily Baines, gambist Lucia Capellaro, & our director and harpsichordist Katie De La Matter for our revival!

We're all set to go.

From top left: Katie De La Matter, harpsichordist & creative director; Debipriya Sircar, Indian Classical singer; James Hall, countertenor; Francesca Bridge-Cicic, stage director; George Clifford, Baroque violin; Emily Baines, recorder & shawm; Lucia Capellaro, viola da gamba; Jamie Akers, lutes; Sanjay Guha, sitar; Austèja Znaidauskaite, design; Lori Hopkins, puppets; Dominique Munday, assistant director.

There's just one person missing in our story now -- and that's you. 


Why do we need your help?

We're applying to Arts Council England for a grant to support our development costs. Costumes, puppets, staging, lighting, and rehearsal, workshopping and arranging of European and Indian music are expensive!

But first, we have to show them that you care about this project and its aims, and are willing to invest in it.

This is where YOU come in...

Please support us. To thank you, we've got some rewards we hope you'll love, including:

- pairs of tickets to our Tara Arts shows, to other shows at this amazing theatre & to Brighton's Royal Pavilion

- a pair of tickets to a Diwali food walk on 14 October with award-winning chef & food historian, Monisha Bharadwaj

- invitations to a rehearsal, followed by an informal Q&A

- pairs of tickets to a private concert

- your own bespoke chamber concert with members of Ensemble Tempus Fugit, for friends, family, or your business

-  a unique print of one of the illuminated pages of our source manuscript, with some of the earliest depictions of certain Indian instruments

And more! If you're viewing this page on mobile, just click the Support button above for the full list.

No donation is too small. Even adding to our list of supporters with a £1 donation helps say you're with us!

Sharing is also a huge help! If you choose to donate, please tweet or post that you have, and we’ll retweet you: this really helps to spread the word.


Where can I find out more?

Click through to our website for the history behind this unique show, its creation, and its successful performances in 2009, as well as for a taste of our future plans. 

Every donation makes a difference. Please spread the word by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and email!

This is our first crowdfunding campaign: we couldn't have done it without support in preparing for the crowdfunder and our video! Huge thanks go to Elizabeth Aab, Esther Anstice, Jamie Akers, Debipriya Sircar, the cast & crew of Ensemble Tempus Fugit, Trevor Bowes, to St. Michael's Battersea & Pawel Siwczak for kindly hosting our video, and our wonderful filmmakers Adrian Hedgecock and Luke Wasylkiw. 

Find out more about Calcutta and our other projects at ensembletempusfugit.co.uk , or contact us at [email protected].


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NEW! Get a secret track from Calcutta - 'Paradevate', a Sanskrit version of a British folksong that was set c.1800! All donors above this level will receive a link too.

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Thank you so much! Receive a personal thank-you note from our Artistic Director, as well as the rewards mentioned above.

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NEW! ACCESS a behind-the-scenes audio discussion of the making of 'Calcutta' with the show's creators, as well as a download of our Paradevate track, listing in our programmes & social media, and a personalised thank-you card from our Artistic Director! This reward will be made available to donors above this amount as well.

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LIMITED REWARD! Enjoy a signed copy of critically-acclaimed CD 'The Soldier's Return', a disc of guitar works inspired by Scotland by our lutenist Jamie Akers, along with all the rewards of the £23 pledge.

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NEW REWARD! Tickets for 2 to the play of your choice at Tara Arts, Britain's first South Asian theatre with a 40-year history of connecting cultures (Earlsfield station: 10 mins from Waterloo). Show listings at https://www.tara-arts.com/whats-on. We'll contact you to discuss your choice by early September!

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NOM! 2 tickets to our Tara Arts show & rehearsal *AND* 2 tickets to the Diwali Food Walk (14 Oct) in Southall, led by award-winning chef & food historian Monisha Bharadwaj, exploring the colours, tastes and history of India's most popular festival. Rated one of London's 5 top food experiences! (Guardian) Includes our track, printed thanks & a hand-calligraphed thank-you card.

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SPECIAL REWARD in time for Christmas! A beautiful A4/A3 print of a gorgeous illumination from the unpublished 1780 manuscript at the heart of our show. (Due to licensing restrictions, please contact [email protected] for sample images) Includes an invitation to our Tara Arts rehearsal and Q&A, a hand-calligraphed card, a track from 'Calcutta', and a pair of tickets to a Spring 2018 performance of Calcutta at Tara.

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A pair of tickets to a private solo harpsichord taster recital (pieces paired with wine & cheese) in the home of our Artistic Director, Katie De La Matter (East London: dates TBC). Includes all the rewards of the £100 pledge, including a invitation to our rehearsal and Q&A at Tara Arts in Spring 2018, a hand-calligraphed thank-you card, and a pair of tickets to a Spring 2018 performance of Calcutta at Tara Arts.

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Your very own private concert from at least 3 members of Ensemble Tempus Fugit (London only): perfect for family, friends, or your work event! Receive credit as a Founder's Circle Patron of Ensemble Tempus Fugit in all our programmes, online and social media posts, as well as a personalised thank-you gift, two pairs of tickets to your choice of shows, and invitations to our Tara rehearsal & Q&A in Spring 2018.

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UNIQUE REWARD! Only 1 available: a gorgeous hand-crafted shadow puppet of your choice. Choose an animal or a figure you'd like to see turned into your own moving puppet, and our wonderful puppeteer Lori Hopkins will create it for you using card, thread and wood.

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