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Started on 25th February 2021 Witney, England, United Kingdom

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Tim Guideposts posted an update on 23rd April 2021


Another week nearly complete!! 

Continuing to make good progress and still on track - racked up a big day of steps yesterday - did a meeting over the phone and was able to participate and walk in the sunshine too - Really nice experience - now up to 341 miles since I have started.... 

Thanks for the ongoing support... I will post at end of next week to update new distances and how I am getting on

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 16th April 2021

16th April 2021 - Massive Thank you...

Massive thank you to everyone who is supporting me on this challenge... and my most recent announymous donation... I'm delighted and huge thank you ❤

Progress is great. I'm still on track and doing great. Currently on 285.5 miles and doing great...   

Thanks again for the support... means so much x

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 8th March 2021

Day 10 + 11 06/03/2021 + 07/03/2021

The weekend was another successful weekend. Saturday I achieved 10,661 before the football. Not a great result for the villa but I'll take a 0-0 with wolves. 

Sunday was a lush day. Did the gardening. Did a car wash and went for a lovely walk around the cotswolds. 11,044 steps done. 

Got a week of training this week in Coventry doing Team Teach so hoping to keep the steps going... I'll keep you all posted 

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 8th March 2021

Day 9 - 05/03/2021

Another successful day but much more challenging as was office based day. Needed to go for a long walk once got I'm to continue with sticking to being on track. 

Roll on the weekend but with all the sport that is on its not going to be easy....think I will aim for 10,000 each day and keep succeeding.... 10.497 steps completed today. 

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 5th March 2021

Day 8 - 04/03/2021

Big day yesterday - although didnt actually feel like it strangely - Managed over the duration of the day to rack up 15,375 steps which worked out at a nice distance - 11.99km - well pleased with that - was expecting to wake up this morning feeling a little achy but touch wood feeling good - 

See what happens today - got a busy day today in front of the computer but will be aiming to achieve those 10,000 steps nonetheless. Roll on the weekend and hopefully some nice weather to enjoy a stroll or to around the local village!! 

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 4th March 2021

Day 7 - 03/03/2021

First week complete - on the whole all positive - thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far - love having the support from you all - so another successful day yesterday - managed to accumulate 12,634 steps and added another 9.75km on to my distance - Had my supervisions whilst on a walk around Ducklington lake which was a nice change and nice to see people enjoying the beautiful spaces of Witney whilst keeping safe and following COVID-19 guidelines 

So overall from the first week here we go - the grand totals - 

Steps - 80,044 

Total distance - 62km or 38.5 miles 

Really pleased with this as a start!! onwards and upwards!! :) 

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 3rd March 2021

Day 6 - 02/03/2021

A really good day today in terms of steps and miles added to the challenge. Despite being office based was able to do 2 meetings walking and increasing my steps to aid and assist our Global Challenge - So it was my PB to date yesterday and did 12,955 steps and did a total of 9.93 km. Really pleased with this - Its amazing how difficult when your office based it is to get anywhere near 10,000 steps so that was why I decided to try something different. TBH it was good and felt quite energised from it. 

Onwards and upwards and tomorrow will be the end of the first week - Nice to get near to completing the first milestone and moving forward with the remaining 25 weeks that I have challenged myself to do. 

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 2nd March 2021

Day 5 - 01/03/2021

Another good day for walking for the Guideposts Global Challenge. A long day in the office meant an early evening stroll around Rissington to get those steps past 10,000. A good effort in the end although it was freezing cold, a real bitter wind didnt help - In total yesterday 10,850 steps achieved and another 8.48km added to my miles - 

Looking forward to tomorrow and almost completing the first week of the challenge - will do a summary at end of each week to work out amount of steps, miles etc - be interesting to see distances achieved each week and see any potential progress in fitness and try to increase steps as the weeks progress.  

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 1st March 2021

Day 4 - 28/02/2021

Another day complete and another 5 miles added to the Global Challenge - Total steps yesterday was 10,978 - a good day mixed with a walk and some gardening and mowing the lawn - a lush day at Rissington - nice to mix it up and felt good being out in the fresh air in the warm sunshine 

Roll on the week ahead - Much more difficult to get the steps in when at work but will try - I'll keep you all posted.... 

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 27th February 2021

Day 3 - 27/02/2021

Another day done. 11,232 steps done. Managed to get passed the 5 mile target today which was good. 

Nice walk today around Rissington. Wanted to get done and dusted before rugby. On the plus side a lush warm day. 

Felt good today. Onwards and upwards and roll on tomorrow. 

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 26th February 2021

Day 2 - 26/02/2021

Day 2 complete... 

A good day although walking late due to a long day in the office. So close to 5 miles today so something to aim at tomorrow... 4.9 miles complete today and 10,991 steps...mission accomplished 

Got to see an amazing sunset over Upper Rissington earlier. Colours were amazing so not all bad...roll on tomorrow and keeping up the momentum 

Time to chill and prepare for tomorrow...

Tim Guideposts posted an update on 25th February 2021

Day 1 - 25/02/2021

Day 1 complete... 10,221 steps done... pleased with that. Been a busy day... total of 7.93km complete..  Good positive start and looking forward to tomorrow... 

Bring it on and stay positive....

Another update tomorrow all... stayed tuned.. join the adventure and even better join in and get fit and help with your own mental health by being active...

Even better get sponsored to join in and help us and our guideposts Community achieve our virtual Misson and raise funds for a great charity 

For the next 26 weeks - I will be aiming to walk 10,000 steps per day to help achieve our Guideposts goal of walking around the world

I have worked at Guideposts for the last 5 years, during my time at Guideposts I have worked in the Children's Services, run our forest school project and am now our Community Opportunities Manager for Guideposts in Oxfordshire 

Covid-19 has been a difficult time for many people and we have been supporting our clients through face to face services, weekly wellbeing calls to families and also through activity packs. 

We are now looking to help and support our clients by providing them with a challenge, an opportunity to be part look after their own mental health and get fit in the process. 

The challenge is that as a 'Guidepost Community' we will get a team to walk the distance around the world virtually and safely. These miles can be racked up through walking, running, cycling and swimming - If you want to join us on this epic adventure and challenge and raise help support our amazing charity then please get in touch. All you need to do is sign up and then log your miles once you have joined the mission

Today is the first day of my challenge - do you think i'll do it? Challenge on, give us a sponsor to keep me motivated

Game face on - Lets do this!!! 


Tim Guideposts
23rd April 2021

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Tim Guideposts
16th April 2021

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10th March 2021 at 9:24am

Good luck Tim , that is a real challenge.

10th March 2021 at 9:23am

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Tim Guideposts
8th March 2021

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Tim Guideposts
8th March 2021

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Jane Elliott
5th March 2021 at 1:58pm

Good luck Tim! Love the hat 😘

Jane Elliott
5th March 2021 at 1:58pm

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Tim Guideposts
5th March 2021

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Tim Guideposts
4th March 2021

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