Bye Bye Sound - A Short Film

by Empty Street Films in Glasgow, , United Kingdom

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A fundraiser to complete 'Bye Bye Sound'. A short film about a Deaf man’s dream of hearing sounds sparks an internal struggle.

by Empty Street Films in Glasgow, , United Kingdom

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On the 20th May 2024 we'd raised £3,060 with 45 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

  • Increased pay for cast and crew.
  • Additional filming equipment.
  • More submissions to film festivals.

Director's Statement

Hi, I'm Will Clark, writer & director of this short film. I'm also the director of Empty Street Films, a Deaf film production company based in Glasgow, Scotland. This is my crowd funding campaign to raise funds to creating my short film, titled 'Bye Bye Sound'. 

To share a bit about my background, I am a Deaf filmmaker and cinematographer. I mainly focus on cinematography but occasionally direct, mostly short documentaries for Empty Street Films. Now, I'm taking the next step to produce a debut short narrative film for my company, Bye Bye Sound.

Bye Bye Sound is a very personal story to me. It's an idea I've nurtured for a while, and given the challenges in securing funding recently, I feel now is the right time to turn to crowdfunding in hopes of raising the necessary funds to bring this story to the screen.

The Story

Bye Bye Sound is a short drama film that tells the deeply personal story of Leon, a Deaf man haunted by dreams of hearing sounds. 

This unexpected experience ignites a profound internal struggle within him as he wrestles with complex emotions tied to the loss of sound and his own Deaf identity. 

As Leon navigates this challenging phase of his life and shares his experience with his partner, Sonji, their relationship becomes the focal point for exploring profound themes of loss, connection, and support.

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Why This Project Matters

The number one reason is our passion for creating films. We, Empty Street Films, are collaborating with incredible Deaf talent based in Scotland, both onscreen and behind the camera, embracing new challenges in filmmaking with a fresh narratives. Deaf-led films in Scotland are on the brink of creating a new wave, something that was unheard of just a few years ago. 

We want to continue making films despite the significant cuts in the arts funding recently, to give us the opportunity to create something we’re proud of. Hopefully, this will lead to more opportunities for Deaf talent within the mainstream film industry too. 

As a Deaf filmmaker and cinematographer, this project is very dear to me. I am deeply passionate working with Deaf talents and about fostering the growth of Deaf Cinema in Scotland and beyond.

Budget - What we need the funds for

We already have most of the equipment and a budget for location - In total, we need to raise a minimum of £2500 to complete the film. Although £2500 is an extremely low budget for a short film, it is the base minimum for this type of production.

This amount would be sufficient to cover all the costs of the film from start to finish, including important expenses such as cast and crew wages, additional equipment, shooting, editing, sound design, and submission to film festivals. 

We already have an extremely talented cast and crew on board, whom we are excited to announce soon. It is crucial to ensure that everyone is fairly compensated for their work. 


Why Support Bye Bye Sound?

Bye Bye Sound is a film that deserves to be brought to life on screen, as it’s a story told by the perspective of Deaf individuals. We aim to see Deaf Cinema expand in Scotland and beyond, offering fresh narratives that can only come from Deaf individuals.

Also, the film industry is small, and the number of Deaf talents in filmmaking is even smaller. This means Deaf individuals face double the barriers when seeking funding and opportunities within the film industry.

Supporting Bye Bye Sound is not just about creating a film; it’s about breaking down these barriers and paving the way for more inclusive and diverse storytelling in cinema.


Development - April to June 2024

Pre-production - June to August 2024

Production - Late August / early September 2024

Post-production - September to November 2024

Festivals - November 2024 - Late 2025

Online Distribution - May 2025

How do you support us?

Thank you for taking the time to read about our “Bye Bye Sound” fundraising campaign. We are so grateful for your time and for your potential donation. 

We realise it's a difficult time out there right now so don’t worry if you can’t spare the extra cash for a donation right now, there are many other ways you can support the film. You can share our Crowdfunder page with your family members, friends, networks and on your social media. This is an equally big help too. Thank you.


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Everything helps. Thank you!

Everything helps. Thank you!

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A cheeky coffee & snack for the crew.

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