Build a Republican movement in the Labour Party

by Labour for a Republic in United Kingdom

Build a Republican movement in the Labour Party

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Labour for a Republic wants to expand our campaigning in the run-up to the Coronation and 2023 Labour Party Conference.

by Labour for a Republic in United Kingdom

The monarchy isn't fit for purpose - Only Labour can fix it.

The monarchy is a broken, ancient institution, that only serves to reinforce inequality and the UK's fragile constitution. 

The only British political party that can deliver an alternative is Labour, a party with a history of fighting for radical change. 

Labour for a Republic is spearheading this push, campaigning to build the broadest possible support across the Labour Party for a policy of replacing the monarchy with an elected head of state. 

In a nation where political and economic inequality runs rampant, we recognise that the monarchy is part of this problem. It's time for true democracy. Donate to our Crowdfunder and help us achieve this goal.


Up and down the country, we're organising - Are you in?

Labour for a Republic supporters are already organising up and down the country, submitting motions to CLPs, organising members' meetings and making our voices heard. Your support will make our voices louder.

Labour for a Republic is a steadily growing grassroots organisation. Founded in 2012, we draw support from all parts of the Labour party.

We rely on donations and membership fees to campaign and plan events. Donating to this crowdfunding effort will allow us to accelerate our activism and help promote republicanism as the true choice of political equality. With the money you donate, we will be able to:

  • Commission more polling on the support for a republic amongst Labour members and voters.
  • Buy resources and organise protests against the lavish and wasteful coronation of King Charles III.
  • Engage with CLP and trade unions, to promote and submit a republican motion for the 2023 Labour Party Conference.
  • Leaflet Labour Party events, conferences and speeches, raising awareness of the democratic alternatives to the monarchy.
  • Raise our profile within the press, by further refining our press strategy, placing opinion pieces by prominent activists and upping our social media advertising.


In a year of Royal decadence, now is the time to donate.

We're in a cost-of-living crisis and our political institutions are riddled with corruption and democratic backsliding. Now is the time for the monarchy to go and for Britain to choose a democratic alternative. 

Yet,  the royals are doubling down, spending precious public money on a lavish and pointless coronation, keeping their secrets under wraps and refusing to budge from their positions of privilege and economic prominence. 

Most Labour voters know this isn’t right. And it’s thanks to Labour supporters like you that we can keep growing this vital campaign.

Labour is the only party that can deliver an elected head of state. We were founded by republicans and have had a long tradition of standing up to the constitutional and economic status quo. 

Labour for a Republic will put everything into advocating for this change. Now is the time to organise. Now is the time for democracy and equality, with no exceptions.

Donate now - let's make this happen.


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