Broadstairs Folk Week

RCN 1104684, Broadstairs

To preserve and advance public education in the appreciation of English and Multicultural folk dance, song and music and to promote the knowledge and practice of English and Multicultural folk dance, song and music by means of dances, classes, lectures, demonstrations and other like methods, in the town of Broadstairs ans St Peters and the neighbouring towns and villages.

Broadstairs Folk Week

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Folk Week takes place in the beautiful town of Broadstairs, and is a traditional folk music festival. Over the past 55 years, the festival has become a magnet for people who love authentic music and the opportunity to meet up with an extended family of every generation. Our festival-goers love discovering new bands, seeing old favourites and chancing upon things you would never expect to see at a folk festival! All the major venues for ticketed events are located in the town - it's a great way of getting to know Broadstairs!

Registered Charity:

Broadstairs Folk Week is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee that depends on a combination of ticket income, public grants, commercial sponsorship and individual donations from the Friends of Folk Week and other fund-raising such as collections on the street to exist and to stay in the town and not become a green-field site festival outside of Broadstairs.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to fulfil our Registered Charities mission statement of furthering the education and enjoyment of English and Multi-Cultural music, song and dance, by means of workshops, concerts and dances.   


Sally Burke
24th October 2022 at 7:37pm

pledged £40 + an est. £10.00 in Gift Aid

Sally Burke has also backed 2 other projects

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