BIG FORT BUILD at Park in the Past

by Paul Harston in Wrexham, Flintshire, United Kingdom

We did it
On 28th October 2021 we successfully raised £12,352 with 123 supporters in 42 days

We are a unique heritage & conservation attraction aiming to build an authentic full scale Roman fort within our ancient 120 acre landscape

by Paul Harston in Wrexham, Flintshire, United Kingdom


We’re back - bigger and better than before! 

 Britain’s Big Fort Build continues at Park in the Past in 2021 with its ground-breaking and totally unique project - we are creating an entire ancient landscape complete with a full-scale, fully-functioning Roman fort. The first conquest-period timber fort to be built in Britain for nearly 2,000 years!

 Thanks to Brexit and COVID the last two years have been a roller coaster ride but now we are back on track and have made amazing progress in the last six months. The ramparts have been raised, the fort footprint is complete, the south gate tower in position. We’ve literally moved heaven and earth (20,000 tonnes of earth to be precise!) and now we need your to help get us to our next major milestone.

1632918648_aerial_bfb_cf_1.jpgAbove image shows the completed fort footprint, ramparts and gate tower awaiting the palisade fence, corner towers and construction workshop.

The Big Fort Challenge:      Join Our Fort Team

The challenge facing our incredibly hardworking small build team, is really tough. Match what 180 battle-hardened Roman troops could construct – by building strong defences that stand the test of time. No pressure there then!

 So we need you, our loyal supporters and new people fresh from afar to support this legacy project and make it happen.


Our Target  £50k

In order to kickstart this campaign we need your help to reach our crowdfund target  in order to build three essential items:

  • the fort defensive barrier fence (palisade)
  • 4 x corner towers
  • 1 x construction workshop  (Fabrica)

 Your donation will be spent wisely on over 500 hours of expert skilled labour, an estimated 20 tons of building materials, and authentic Roman building tools.


Item 1: Image above shows part of the palisade fence 


Item 2: Image above shows a corner tower. We need four of these. 


 Item 3: Image above shows the construction workshop or fabrica.

By getting involved we invite you – our loyal supporters, visitors, schools and organisations - to step back in time and join us as volunteers on this incredible journey to re-create your amazing past.

The Aim of Park in the Past - Recreating an Ancient World

Let’s rewind a bit - you may recall we’re ambitiously re-wilding an old disused quarry into an exciting 120 acre heritage park twice the size of the Eden Project. 

The Roman fort is the start of a diverse landscape devoted to ancient British history that includes a prehistoric realm with ancient flower grasslands, stone circle features and a huge earth house! 


And don't forget there’s the Roman realm too.  So when you visit Park in the Past you will be walking in the footsteps of your ancestors from the Bronze Age right up to multicultural Roman & Celtic communities living in a stunning 1st century AD landscape.

 And what’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our wellbeing woodland walks, meander through peaceful meadows, swim in our beautiful freshwater lake. 


A Unique UK Attraction 

This amazing heritage and conservation attraction is a UK first – a completely immersive, evolving world you can visit time after time to see our progress and take part in the ongoing story of ancient Britain.


Green Therapy for Everyone!

Throughout the pandemic we welcomed thousands of NHS staff, essential workers and visitors to recharge their batteries in our beautiful park. We want you to continue to enjoy nature, improve your wellbeing and mental health and are making this happen now. It's part of our philosophy of sustainability and running a plastic free site. 

Exclusive Invitation!

Everyone who supports our fort campaign receives an exclusive* invitation this October to visit our Big Fort Build Open Day to talk to our team of experimental archaeologists and other experts, as well as relax in our gorgeous green heritage park set in the astoundingly beautiful north Wales landscape. 

 So join us today on Britain’s Big Fort Build and immerse yourself in an ancient forgotten world!


Fantastic Rewards 

See our rewards on this page and join us on this incredible journey to re-discover your past and experience life in Britain from Bronze Age peoples to Romans and native Celtic communities.

 So watch the videos and donate now - Please help us get this fort built! 

New Reward just added!

Sunday Times best selling author BEN KANE and one of our fab fundraisers is offering a signed copy of his latest exciting book "Sands of the Arena" (see image below) for supporters who donate £100 or more! 



Please note: All donations will go to support this ongoing construction project as stated above minus essential costs associated with this fundraising campaign (this includes the cost of  producing rewards offered).


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

Fort Friend

£10 pays for one defensive palisade post. By donating just £10 you will help us reach our objective. You will receive an exclusive Big Fort Build brochure telling the story of how we developed the project - research, archaeology and much more!

£20 or more

Fort Supporter

As a Fort Supporter you'll have your name placed on our Roll of Honour webpage and receive our special edition bookmark and exclusive Big Fort Build brochure. £20 buys 1 defensive palisade panel!

£35 or more

Auxiliary Soldier

You will receive a special edition BIG FORT BUILD pen or fridge magnet or keyring plus all the items of the above rewards including the Big Fort Build brochure and bookmark. £35 will cover the cost of one corner tower floor joist.

£50 or more

Legionary Soldier

As legionary soldier you will receive a special edition BIG FORT BUILD drinking mug and all the great rewards above. £50 will pay for 3 hours of skilled labour.

£100 or more


As a centurion you will receive one year's free membership of Park in the Past (starting May 1st 2022) And all the rewards listed above. £100 will allow us to buy 4 authentic reproduction Roman period building tools.

£250 or more

Senior Officer

As senior officer you will receive an exclusive bespoke Roman Megafortress Tour in Chester for up to four people, and all the fab reward items listed above. £20 will pay for enough green oak for 1 corner tower upright.

£500 or more

Fortress Legate

As Legate you will receive a personal guided tour of Park in the Past by our project champion, and all the reward items listed above.

£1,000 or more

1 of 15 claimed

Provincial Governor

As Provincial Governor you will be invited to join an exclusive and exciting Roman Life Experience and living history camp in the fort with our troops for the day. Plus you will receive all the super reward items listed above.

£2,000 or more

0 of 6 claimed


As Emperor you will receive all the respect befitting your lofty position including an overnight staycation in one of Chester's most exclusive hotels for you and your guest, a delicious evening meal for two and be ferried to Park in the Past for a private champagne reception Roman style.

£5,000 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Demi-god on Earth!

As Demi-god you will receive an exclusive lifetime membership of Park in the Past and all the benefits of the fabulous rewards above. And your name on special fundraiser plaque near the fort entrance to mark your generosity! Plus all the rewards above.

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