Bristol Close the Door Weeks 2015

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We want to run two Close the Door weeks for shops in central Bristol, making crucial energy savings as part of Bristol Green Capital year.

by bristol-close-the-door-weeks-2015 in Bristol

We plan to run two Close the Door weeks, in February and in November, focussing on central Bristol as part of the Green Capital year. We are part of the national Close the Door Campaign which aims to make shops close their doors when heating or cooling are in use.

 Shops in the UK waste up to 50% of their energy costs trying to heat the street. Surely future generations will marvel that in 2014 shops were leaving their doors open in winter!

We are business-friendly in our approach to shops and inform them of our research. It is in the shops' interest to reduce their costs. Energy is a large and increasing part of those costs. It is also vital to their credibility as modern, sustainable businesses.

The two Close the Door weeks will contribute to the Bristol 2015 aim to reduce carbon emissions from homes and businesses as part of the Green Capital year. The intention is also to change expectation, both of the public and in many shopholders, that a closed door will dissuade shoppers from entering. It will also demonstrate the cost savings to be made. Changing public behaviour will help shops to make the change and in turn help the public to feel empowered to make a real difference.

We also plan to hold a competition for schoolchildren and students to design a way in which shops without doors can participate.

We will monitor the number of doors open before, during and after these weeks.

Funding is needed for printing costs, graphic design, meeting venue and light refreshments and expenses.

Effectively combatting climate change will benefit all life on earth. More specifically we intend that our project will increase people's confidence that they have the power to make a difference. The magnitude of the challenge we face can leave people feeling helpless. Any way in which the challenge can be shared and progress can be made is positive for all concerned and for the future.

We will publicise the project widely in the media. Before both weeks we will consult shoppers with a carefully drafted questionnaire about their attitudes to shops' doors being open. We shall repeat this questionanire during and after the weeks and share the results with the participating retailers.

Cambridge University research proves that closing a shop door in winter saves up to 50% in energy usage and carbon emissions.

The research, commissioned by the campaign, proves exactly how much energy is wasted by shops leaving their doors open with the heating on.

The research found that closing a shop door when heating is being used:

  • Reduses energy usage by up to 50%
  • Cuts a shop's annual CO2 emissions by up to 10 tonnes of CO2, equivalebt to 3 return London - Hong Kong flights
  • Assists with mandatory national 34% reduction in carbon emissions (as per 2010)
  • Enchances comfort of staff and customers, maintaining temperature at Chartered Institiution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) recomended levels all day, even when outside temperature plummets
  • Maintains energy use at a standard low level
  • Enables heating to be shut off long before the end of the day without affecting internal temperatures
  • Stops need for so-called 'air curtains' over the door - among the greatest wasters of energy: a single one consumes 24 kWh per day. This is equivalent to emitting 91 kg CO2 per week, or more emissions than a return London - Glasgow coach trip

The research found no conclusive evidence that footfall or transasctions were affected by closing the shop door.

 For futher information about this study please go to our website

 The first 100 people to pledge support of £25 or more will have names published in a heroes list on the Close the Door website and Facebook page.


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