Haunt Bojo in a banged-up Brexit Bus

by CRUX in London, England, United Kingdom

Haunt Bojo in a banged-up Brexit Bus
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Resurrect the infamous Brexit bus, give it a post-apocalyptic makeover and haunt Boris Johnson around Britain

by CRUX in London, England, United Kingdom

Boris Johnson miraculously convinced the British public that Brexit would be brilliant, but what happened to the whole ‘let’s fund our NHS’ thing you ask? It must have slipped his mind! Last week the scrooges announced a 1% pay increase for NHS staff after a year of  propping up the country during the pandemic. 

So let’s give Boris the The Ghost of Christmas Past treatment by resurrecting the infamous Brexit bus, and haunt him around the UK. After all, it isn't in the spirit of Brexit to let go of the past!

Monese repurposed the original Brexit bus, so we’ll need a second hand bus and give it a post apocalyptic makeover - taking inspiration from Darren Cullen’s awesome reimagining:


Step 1: Acquire a bus
Step 2: Redecorate bus
Step 3: Hook up a sound system
Step 4: Roadshow! We’ll take the bus on the road to Westminster, Dominic Cumming’s house, Tory party conferences. Wherever!
Step 5: Auction the bus off and donate proceeds to local food banks


Will you be profiting from this?
No. Any extra money after the UK tour and proceeds from auctioning off the Bus will be donated to local food banks 

Isn’t this just a waste of time and money?
Yes. However, it is extremely important we hold our government accountable for the outrageous lies told during the Brexit campaign. Don't let them sweep this under the rug.

I hate that bus and everything it stands for. Why would I want to see it again?
Like it or loathe it, the big red Brexit bus is an important cultural icon. It encapsulates the true essence of Brexit: made up facts and empty promises. It's time to use the message that the bus carried for public good.

But Boris never said the £350 million would go to the NHS!?
Yeah, he did. Repeatedly.  Here is Boris Johnson speaking in front of a sign saying just that:


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