Boris Johnson is going. Make Brexit go with him.

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Boris Johnson is going. Make Brexit go with him.

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Together, we can reverse the calamity of Brexit. Chip in to our war chest and help us win the Battle for the Soul of our Country.

by [email protected] in United Kingdom

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Boris Johnson is going but his legacy is still costing us. In fact, Brexit is costing Britain £1 million per hour. Our rights are under threat. Brexit isn’t working.

This will be our biggest battle yet. Together, we can reverse the calamity of Brexit. Chip in to the European Movement’s war chest and help us win the Battle for the Soul of our Country.

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

Boris Johnson and his Brexit government is going. 

They lied to us about Brexit. 

They won an election on the back of those lies

They've lied every day since.

And now those lies are coming home to roost. From local elections to by elections, people have sent them a clear message: they've had enough of the lies and enough of the calamity of Brexit.  

We are at a critical stage in the battle for the soul of our country and we need to act now before it's too late. Now is the time to build a campaign to reverse the calamity of Brexit.  

This extreme-Brexit government is on the ropes. If we are going to win this, we need to go further and fight faster than we ever have before. It is now or never - are you with us? 

The calamity of Brexit

Boris Johnson and his Vote Leave mates promised us sunlit uplands, but Brexit is an unmitigated disaster. And the full extent of it hasn’t even hit yet.

In fact in the Queen’s Speech Boris Johnson made it clear has made it clear that he intends to make this hard Brexit even harder even going as far as provoking a trade war with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

In the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, this could have disastrous consequences. Industry leaders from across the UK and the EU have warned Johnson about what this could lead to. These warnings include, but are not limited to: 

  • UK business chiefs have warned about the "horrific" economic impact.
  • Food industry CEOs have said to expect even more expensive food prices.
  • EU officials have told Johnson that this could lead to a trade war. 

It’s clear that the longer we are led down this hard Brexit road, the more damage it will do - to our economy, to our livelihoods, and to our lives.

We will not allow this destructive Brexit deal to continue. Now is the time to reverse the calamity of Brexit.

We are the only campaign with the desire, the resources, and the courage to stand up and take this next step closer to Europe – are you with us?


We are the only movement that can do this 

We can't wait any longer, we need to seize this opportunity now with the next election less than two years away. And here's what we need to do...

We need to build the most extensive, powerful, and effective campaign we’ve ever run - one that can challenge the lies of Boris Johnson and his cronies and expose Brexit for what it really is. 

We need to change hearts and minds - we know it's possible because it's happened before - but it won't happen overnight. We have been building this campaign since Brexit, but now is the time to step it up:

  • We need to stand toe-to-toe with Boris Johnson’s government’s media machine. We need the most comprehensive communications operation to fight the leave press and mistruth. From polling and press, to targeted advertising campaigns we need to beat them at their own game.
  • We need to supercharge our local campaigning operation. We have a bigger and stronger ground force than our opponents but if we are going to win this, we need to equip our grassroots teams with the best tools and skills to take our message to people the length and breadth of our country.
  • We are already the biggest pro-European movement in the UK and Europe, but to win this battle, we need to grow our movement further. 

We know that we can do this. We have been at the forefront of the fight for a European future for 73 years. We led the country into the European Community the first time, taking our place in the heart of Europe. That’s where our roots are and we must lead that fight once more.

We are ready to give this everything we have got

But if we are going to win, we need this to be the biggest campaign we have ever run.

We are not funded by private interest groups or big business. Our war chest is funded by smaller donations from people like you. 100% of what we raise on this page will go straight towards our campaign to reverse the calamity of Brexit.


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