Breakfast Clubs Against Racism

by Lara Sengupta in London, England, United Kingdom

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Launching a series of anti-racism Breakfast Clubs for kids aged 10-12 across London. With the goal of creating equality through education.

by Lara Sengupta in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 11th March 2021 we'd raised £1,110 with 19 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Breakfast Clubs Against Racism is raising funds to be able to launch our first 3 breakfast clubs in London. Our breakfast clubs are a 10-week project, every Saturday morning, designed to guide the students through topics such as:

- How to recognise institutional racism and how to combat it

- Stereotyping and why its so harmful

- Breaking the cycle of oppression

- How to stand up against racial discrimination

- How to be a leader and create change for the next generation


About Us

We have developed Breakfast Clubs Against Racism,  teaching children about racism and delivering education and leadership skills to young people. We are starting at an age where the attendees will be young enough so they are aware of the topic of race but have not developed fully instilled biases.

We are launching our first 3 Breakfast Clubs across South and East London. These Breakfast Clubs are for everyone aged 10-12. We will be inviting children from all the neighbouring schools to apply. This is a FREE project to attend and we will have 15 spaces on each club.


The Problem

We have stood for inequality in the UK for far too long and we don't want to loose another generation to mistreatment and racial discrimination. The Covid-19 crisis and The Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted huge differences in the treatment and perception of white citizens verus BAME citizens. Some of these mistreatments include:

  • Increased rate of stop and search
  • Increased incidence of police brutality
  • Higher infant mortality
  • Higher risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Higher unemployment rate (a BAME individual on average has to send 60% more job applications as a white individual with an identical CV)
  • Less representation in politics and government
  • Less representation in the media
  • Less access to NHS services

We are using this information to inspire us into action. We cannot stand for this any longer and we must create change.


Our Mission

Our mission is to permanently and ultimately create racial equality in the UK and worldwide. We have asked for equality along with many, many generations and the world is not hearing us.

In order to bring about lasting, permanent racial equality, we must create a new generation of leaders that can lead us to change. Our Breakfast Clubs will give children a solid foundation of education on race and equality combined with leadership skills and self-belief to trust that they can be “the change they want to see in the world”.

The Details:

Each breakfast club will include the following in each session:

1) Breakfast - A healthy, sustainable breakfast for everyone

2) Education - A gentle education on teaching children about racism that will challenge our students and create new habits of thinking. 

3) Discussion - We encourage discussions throughout the sessions and conversations about processing feelings that topics may have brought up. 

4) Self-Belief - Self-belief is at the heart of everything we do. We believe a nurtured soul is a power soul. 

5) Family Involvement - We would love the whole family to be involved in the students journey, so each week we will provide a home activity that the whole family can do together.


Why we need funding?

We need funding to help launch our first 3 Breakfast Clubs across London, there will be 15 spaces on each Club so we will be able to take on 45 students in this first year. 

We need to raise at least £5,000 to be able to register to become an official charity which will open doors for us to be able to apply for government funding and grants.

We are trying to raise £7,000 which will pay for:

Breakfast = £6pp x 15 children x 10 sessions = £900 x 3 Clubs = £2,700

Field Trips (2 field trips per Club) = £15pp x 15 x 2 = £450 x 3 Clubs = £1,350

Venue = £50 x 10 session x 3 Clubs = £1,500

Training Volunteers (including venue hire and trainer) = £500

Website = £500

Branding, Logos & Social Media Set Up = £200

Printing of course materials per student = £5 x 45 = £225

Total = £6,975


Our Covid-19 "Plan B"

We are hoping that by September 2021 we will be able to operate our Breakfast Clubs as intended with increased hygiene policies including:

- a full anti-bacterial clean of our venues before and after use

- anti-bacterial hand gel

- temperature checks of students and teachers

- masks or visors

However, we understand that the Covid-19 situation is unpredicatable and we must have a Plan B! Our intention is to run the breakfast clubs bringing children from different schools together in one class. If this is not possible, we will operate the clubs within a single school and if necessary with children from the same school bubble.


Our Long-Term Goals

Our long term goals are to run the 3 projects in 2021, we will be able to get as much feedback and learnings from the students, volunteers and the effects on mental wellbeing. We will use all these learnings to develop and perfect the curriculum and roll out 10 Breakfast Clubs the following year. 

We would love to have Breakfast Clubs running all throughout the UK within 3 years.


This project offered rewards

£20 or more

£20 Reward - A Self-Growth Journal

A copy of our online Self-Growth Journal - “30 Day Challenge Against Racism”. Our online journal includes 30 x daily challenges of self-reflection and gentle education on anti-racism. Includes a shareable badge when you’ve completed the challenge!

£5 or more

£5 Reward - Thank You!

A big thankyou and your name on the "Supporters" area of our website.

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£10 Reward - A Big Thank You!

A huge thankyou and your name on the "Supporters" area of our website.

£100 or more

£100 Reward - Self-Growth Journals x 5

A huge thank you! Plus a Self-Growth Journal for you + 4 friends

£500 or more

£500 Reward - A personal touch

We are so grateful for our large donors and will provide personal contact to give you frequent updates on the activities of our Breakfast Clubs, including personal letters and pictures. Also a Self-Growth journal for yourself and however many friends you wish.

£1,000 or more

£1000 Reward - Corporate Sponsorship Pack

Our Corporate Sponsorship Pack – includes a blog written about your company and philanthropy sent to our supporters, registration as an official sponsor including your logo on our website, all PR publications, all marketing material & course material and a sponsor badge on your website. We can also provide a branded version of our Self-Growth journal for you to distribute to your employees.

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