Battersea Park Rangers Football Youth Fundraiser

by Nick Clark in London, England, United Kingdom


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To get back to playing and enjoying football again by funding hire of a training pitch, FA badges for coaches and basic equipment and kit.

by Nick Clark in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 25th May 2021 we'd raised £8,452 with 140 supporters in 34 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

Our long-term target is £12,000. We think this will secure high-quality football support for youth BPR, not just for this season but for a season to come. Aside from our new U14 team, we'd love to introduce a girls team into the mix too. Do shout if you would like to be involved in that!

However, in the meantime, I wanted to give you some detail on what we plan to do with funding over and above the magic £6000 level (the level at which we can afford full winter training facilities, a team tracksuit for the U16 side next season, a new kit for U16 side, FA coaching courses for our young coach and some basic sports equipment.

We hope this will inspire you to share this appeal even wider before it closes this Saturday.

- 3 x FA coaching badges for coaches. This will enable us to recruit local volunteer coaches to help out. £750.

- A team tracksuit and a new kit for the U14 squad. £1100.

- A quality pitch for home games. This is taken for granted outside of the inner cities (and by private school pupils), but it is almost impossible to play a high-quality level of football on poor quality common pitches such as we can generally afford. This would cost £1500 for 30 games (as a supplement to the £90 we already budget for a 'common' pitch).

The Battersea Park Rangers (BPR) Story 

Battersea Park Rangers (BPR) was formed 21 years ago when a group of then 15-year old mates wanted to play football together. That team is still going strong all those years later and some of the original founder members are still playing.

In those 21 years, there have been 10 trophies, 1 league title and over 200 players. While trophies are nice, we are most proud that most of those players say BPR felt like a family. 

Last year, the journey began again with a new U14 team. That team played almost a full season before interruption by the COVID-19 crisis. Despite this, BPR (now) U15's came back strongly in September before lockdown once again interrupted the season. We saw first hand the impact lockdown had on the mental and physical well-being of the young players and we are determined to play as much football as we can this summer and beyond.  We have also committed to starting another U14 team for next season as well as the current team who will become the U16's!

The 22 members of the U15 BPR squad are a typical bunch of South London teenagers from a range of backgrounds. We've got players who could qualify to play for Cuba, Spain, New Zealand, Scotland, Jamaica, Morocco, Ghana, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, France, Italy, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Romania, Algeria, Somalia and Pakistan as well as England (of course!). They're a fantastic group and come together as a team, proudly displaying the BPR values. 

Why Are We Fundraising Now?

The team is self-financing in that the membership fees cover basic equipment and administration while the match fees cover referees and home pitch hire. 

In order to develop the team, we want to offer coaching sessions throughout the summer, a floodlit facility for winter training and launch a new Under 14 team to continue the journey. We think that as we come through this pandemic, a time when teenagers have been forced to spend much of the year inside, offering the chance of regular physical exercise and the camaraderie of team sport is more important than ever. 

The only we can do this is by raising some money. We know that at this time, the requests and the needs are big, but we think that by scaling up what we can offer these kids immediately, post-lockdown, we can have a big impact on their lives and well-being as well as making life easier for hard-pressed parents.

Given the current situation, we are unable to raise fees and in any case, many of our players do not pay full membership or match fees as they are beyond their means.

At BPR we pledge that every player should be able to play, regardless of their means. 

This is formally part of the BPR constitution: For more have a look at our website.

How Much Are We Trying to Raise? 

Our minimum target is £3000. 

We know this is ambitious, but we hope that with your support we can get there. It is the absolute minimum we need to enable us to provide all of this for up to 50 boys in the Lambeth area.

What will the Money Be Spent On? 

We need to fund the following: 

  • Equipment for summer training (goals, balls, nets, weekend pitch hire)
  • Hire of a floodlit pitch facility for weekly winter training next season for our U16 squad
  • A new kit for the U16 team for next season (they have grown out of their current strip which will be handed on to the new U14 team)
  • 2 X FA training courses. Though our youth team coach Nick has his coaching badge, we want our 18-year old (unpaid) assistant coach to do an FA coaching course to get his level one coaching badge, as well as our adult team manager so they can both help out with the youth team and improve our coach to player ratio.
  • A team tracksuit for the boys. While this may seem frivolous, this really matters to the boys. They want to feel the sense of pride and togetherness that comes from belonging to a team and for them, a matching team tracksuit is something they aspire to have


What Can You Do? 

Please contribute what you can afford and we promise that every penny you donate will have a big impact on the lives of these outstanding boys. 

Please also help us spread the word by telling everyone you know and asking them to spare whatever they can afford. 



The BPR Charter:

  • We are a team at BPR and support each other in everything and each way that we can.
  • As a member of the BPR family we commit to the team, putting WE before I and supporting our teammates in everything that we do.
  • We are never afraid to fail and try again and we support our teammates as they fail and try again themselves.

We hope that BPR will help teach them what it is to be an adult, as well as enable them to enjoy playing football, get much needed physical exercise and have the fun and warmth and community that you get from being part of a team and the wider BPR family.  

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