Body Love // LGBT Film

by Heavy Rain Productions in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Body Love // LGBT Film
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We are a group of independent filmmakers asking for your help to fund our LGBT drama with a wicked twist on modern romance, Body Love.

by Heavy Rain Productions in Leeds, England, United Kingdom


Tessa loves Cindy. Cindy loves Tessa. But their relationship can only exist inside the confines of a 450 sq ft apartment - and we're not quite sure why.

Body Love is a romance with a wicked twist, a crime drama with a heartfelt note, a journey into a quiet night where more than secrets come to light. It's diverse, it's genre-bending and best of all: it's a passion project. And we need your help making it come to life.

Body Love was written by a gay, non-binary human, and our diverse cast and crew will showcase talent from young, underrepresented filmmakers and actors, working tirelessly to ensure that the LGBT and BAME community are represented fairly and that issues of crime and justice are tackled skillfully. Our passion and commitment for this project will see us through to a creative, independent short that we know you will love.


The visual aesthetic of “Body Love" will be commanded by hot pink halogens and stark contrasts, depicting the ominous, secretive plot of the film. Our Director of Photography will experiment with lighting and colour visually and thematically, depicting the characters' struggles with isolation through stylized shots that reinforcing their feelings of being trapped and out of touch with the world. We'll draw inspiration from films such as Swallow (2019), Moonlight (2016) and Cam (2018), creating our own unique style and colour palette to tell our story.


The budget for production design will be invested in the creation and building of props to fit organically in the film’s visuals, from the interior design in Tessa and Cindy's home to the spilt beer and broken glass in our hazy house party scene. This will help define all the details that accompany our characteries and their stories as well as personalise and stylize our locations, bringing our cinematic world to life.



Hello! My name is Carissa Thorne and I'm the writer, director and producer on this project. It feels unusual calling it a "project" because to me it's so much more than that - it's a script I've been passionate about making for a ridiculously long time, it's a film I've played out in my head over and over again. I've worked on various productions, from student shorts to commercials for BBC Sport, but I've never had the opportunity to make anything that truly feels like me. I've been watching people for as long as I can remember - fascinated by their characters, their motivations, their quirks, their strengths, their weaknesses. This curiosity about humanity led me to character writing - and I've been doing it ever since. I have a passion for telling diverse stories about underrepresented groups, imperfect people with extraordinary stories. My scripts are strongly influenced by their tendency to address political and moral issues, something that is greatly touched upon in Body Love.

I've spent the last few months finding the perfect collaborators for my film, and I've been extremely lucky to come across a group of incredibly talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and cities all across the UK. From our award-winning DOP to our skilled production designer and accomplished sound mixer, I'm confident that I've found the right crew to help me bring my vision to life, and eventually, to you! 


We'll also be working with two incredible Associate Producers: Hannah McLeod and James Davies, as well as our brilliant Script Supervisor Annoushka Clear.

Hey! Do you fancy joining this gorgeous group of people? We're still looking for an experienced gaffer for our production. We're also currently casting for three roles:

Black Female, Age 21-25

Caucasian Female, Age 21-25

Any Ethnicity Male, Age 20-30

If you've got a bit of experience under your belt and fancy a chance at joining our cast or crew, drop us a message and we'll be in touch...


100% of the profits raised on this Crowdfunder will go towards the production of Body Love, from production design to accommodation, transport and meals for our cast and crew. Any money left over after production will go into helping us fund a film festival run in 2021 and hosting a kick-ass premiere for all of our incredible contributors to attend!

We're so grateful to everyone who can spare a fiver, tenner or even a quid to the production of Body Love. We promise to put our blood, sweat and tears into this project to create a film you'll be proud of backing. If you want to help us create our vision and can't donate, you can follow us on our social media and share it with your best mate, your mum, even your gran. By sharing your project, you're helping to spread the word and our film can reach even more people! You can follow us on Instagram here, and find us on Facebook here.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

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We'll print and post a copy of our gorgeous hand-painted 'Body Love' poster to your house. You'll also get an invite to the premiere OR an early copy of the film!

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THANK YOU! Your donation will go towards feeding and housing our cast and crew - and the film can't happen without them.

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Spare us a tenner and we'll follow you on our Instagram and give you a shoutout, because well, you deserve to be shouted about.

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You get to see the film before anyone else - at our premiere in Leeds! If you can't make it, we'll send you an exclusive early copy instead.

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Get exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from our production team who you'll meet and greet at our premiere (or over Zoom if you can't make it!)

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You'll get your name in the credits, an early copy of the film and an invitation to the premiere and afterparty where drinks are on us!

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We'll print and post a copy of our gorgeous hand-painted 'Body Love' poster to your house AND send you a signed copy of the script with a hand-written thank you note!

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You'll be credited as an Associate Producer and get a champagne reception at our premiere as a thank you for your HUGE contribution!

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You'll get every single reward we have on offer, from a limited edition 'Body Love' poster to an associate producer credit and signed script!

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