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On the 13th of July Edgbaston turned #BlueForBob during England's final ODI against Pakistan on Tuesday to remember the late, great Bob Willis and raise awareness of prostate cancer research. The response we have had has been overwhelming. Please keep donating if you can. 

Willis - who took 325 Test wickets for England, including eight in that iconic Ashes spell at Headingley in July 1981, before becoming a revered Sky Sports pundit - passed away from prostate cancer in December 2019 at the age of 70.

Spectators are being urged to wear blue clothing to Tuesday's match to show their support for The Bob Willis Fund, which was co-founded by Bob's wife Lauren Clark and his brother David Willis.

More about the Bob Willis Fund

Bob Willis, the former England Cricket Captain, the hero of Headingley 1981 and much loved Sky Sports Broadcaster, was a healthy 66-year-old when he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in April 2016.

Bob had regular PSA tests but his urine flow had started to weaken and a urinary tract infection took him to the doctor. This time the PSA was very slightly raised, so Bob was sent to see a urologist who assured him there was nothing to worry about. Six weeks later Bob returned and it was recommended he had an MRI scan and a biopsy. The results were devastating. It was advanced Prostate Cancer that had spread into his bones. Even then we were told it wasn’t immediately life-threatening but it would be in 3-5 years without treatment. Bob underwent every treatment thrown at him without complaint. He died 3 years and 8 months later in December 2019, aged 70.

Bob’s story proves there is still so much research needed. Prostate Cancer is the Number 1 diagnosed cancer in the UK. It kills 11000 men a year. ONE MAN EVERY 45 MINUTES. And yet there is still no national screening programme and the current PSA test, while a good indicator of the risk of Prostate Cancer for most men, didn’t work for Bob.


About the Bob Willis Fund

THE BOB WILLIS FUND has been set up to raise money for research and awareness. It took almost 5 months from Bob’s PSA test to starting treatment because the diagnostic tools are not good enough. How much did his aggressive form of the disease spread in that time?

Prostate Cancer is cruel and Bob’s demise was agonising to watch. We want to use Bob’s legacy to help save men’s lives and stop others from having to pick up the pieces after losing their husband, partner, brother, father, grandfather, uncle, colleague, teammate, and friend.

Lauren Clark - Bob's wife 

David Willis - Bob's brother

All funds raised are administered by The Talent Fund - Charity number 1185346                                                           

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