Free wellbeing-education & support for pre/teens

by sian davies in Machynlleth, , United Kingdom

Free wellbeing-education & support for pre/teens

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Blŵm is a wellbeing project that offers education & support to young females to help them navigate the changes that occur during adolescence

by sian davies in Machynlleth, , United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 14th March 2023 we'd raised £2,410 with 20 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Any additional money that we raise will go towards organisational & training costs, enabling us to expand our services to deliver more well-being education sessions to young females aged 10-16, for free. 

Who are we?

Hello, my name is Siân, and I am the founder of Blŵm, a bilingual well-being project based in the Dyfi Biosphere area of Mid-Wales. 

I am a director of Blŵm, alongside Elin Crowley & Nicki Arscott.

We created Blŵm as a project to ensure that young females receive the education & support that they need and deserve, so that they feel physically and emotionally prepared for the changes that occur as they move into & through adolescence. 

The sessions that we provide ensure that young females have access to a safe space where they can socialise, meet new people and feel supported by their peers and mentors. Our current team of facilitators & volunteers are made up of a well-being educator & yoga instructor, a children & adults' psychotherapist, and community-engaged artists. We offer education on topics such as puberty, the menstrual cycle, body-image, mental/emotional health, and healthy relationships, in an engaging, fun and creative way, alongside providing wellbeing tools, and activities for the young females to explore creative ways of expressing themselves. 

We do this with the intention of supporting them to have the best possible chances of becoming healthy, confident young people.  


Left to right: Siân Davies, Elin Crowley, Nicky Arscott.

Community impact

In 2022, 100% of our participants' parents felt that their child's well-being had benefitted from taking part in our programme, and 100% of them felt our initiative was good or excellent. 

Local schools & youth workers are supportive of Blŵm, as they can benefit from sign-posting children to our sessions for education, well-being support, or to socialise with others in a relaxing setting.

Here are some feedback quotes from the children/young people that took part in our most recent programme at the end of 2022:

•    “I think it was really nice because I got to hang out with kids my age and learn, and know we were going through the same stuff”

•    "I learnt things from others’ questions and realised I wanted to know that as well, I had answers to questions that I hadn’t thought about myself”

•    “It is very helpful to know all of this because it helps you feel safe if you’re feeling lost or out of control”

•    “At home I feel really free but at school I can’t be myself sometimes, but Blŵm allowed me to be myself, like at home.”

•    “I feel more comfortable and open now”

Our project has positive impacts on the local community, but also expands beyond into the wider world. 

As we start normalising conversations around topics that are still largely taboo in our culture, such as menstruation, we begin to tackle the secrecy and shame that surrounds these topics, which puts young females' health and well-being at risk. By addressing these topics openly, removing the stigma, and encouraging a celebration of our unique bodies, we are working towards cultivating a culture of understanding, empathy and Period dignity in Wales, and beyond. 


Why are we crowdfunding?

We are crowdfunding in order to continue offering free well-being sessions, to young females aged 10-16 years old, and help cover our organisational costs.

Unfortunately our work is often under-valued in our culture, where well-being education is seen as something 'extra' to fit in, if there's time for it. We believe that well-being education is essential, and should be prioritised and put at the centre.  

It is therefore important that community companies like Blŵm have funding to continue offering a welcoming, safe space for children & young people to access these sessions at no additional cost to their family, ensuring that it is accessible to all, especially during this period with the cost of living crisis. 


How we’ll spend the money raised

Your donation will enable us to continue delivering free well-being sessions to young females aged 10-16 years old, where they can access the education and support they need, in a light-hearted, relaxing setting. 

The sessions involve things like yoga/movement activities, mindfulness, arts & crafts, nature-connection, games, alongside learning about topics such as body-image, puberty, the menstrual cycle, healthy relationships etc. 

The money that we raise will also help towards our organisational & training costs, and any additional funding will go into our company's reserves pot, for additional sessions that meet the needs and interests of the children & young people within the community.


Thank you for your support / Diolch am eich cefnogaeth!


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£25 Introduction to Menstrual cycle awareness

An 30 minute 1-1 chat to introduce Menstrual cycle awareness, via zoom or in-person if local to Machynlleth. This reward can be for you, or gifted to a friend.

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£50 Hand-made vulva altar piece

You will be rewarded a unique clay vulva, hand-made by me! These can be utilised as altar-pieces, or to decorate your home.

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£100 Group yoga session

Gift your circle of friends/community group (of up to 10 people), a free yoga session.

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£500 Business Sponsor reward

We will feature your name/business/organisation as a sponsor on our website, marketing materials and events.

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