Blair McDougall for East Renfrewshire

by Blair McDougall in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Council, United Kingdom

Blair McDougall for East Renfrewshire

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Help Blair to beat the SNP in East Renfrewshire and deliver change for Scotland.

by Blair McDougall in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Council, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The more we raise the more voters we'll be able to raise. 

People are desperate for change and East Renfrewshire is one of the constituencies which can deliver it at the next General Election. 

I was raised here, worked here, and am bringing up my family here. I turned down a constituency everyone said was easier to win because I love this community and I believe we can beat the SNP here at the General Election. 

After the incredible result in the Rutherglen & Hamilton West by-election, and with the collapse of the Tory vote nationwide, this constituency can be part of bringing change to Scotland and the whole of the UK. 

I will spend every single day between now and the election, and all of my energy to win here, but it will take lots of money too! I need your help. 

Please donate whatever you can to support our campaign. Every single penny you give will help us deliver our message to undecided voters through social media adverts, and leaflets and by helping to fund a campaign office and organising staff.

We know that not everyone can contribute financially, especially in these tough times, but there are plenty of other ways to get involved. If you want to help please get in touch. 

Thank you so much for your support. 



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Promoted by John Paul McHugh on behalf of Blair McDougall both at 7 East Kilbride Road, Rutherglen, G73 5EA.

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