Just B U cic, Enabling people with disabilities

by Justin Fellows in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

We did it
On 22nd May 2024 we successfully raised £5,205 with 32 supporters in 140 days

We're fundraising to purchase a dishwasher, serving counter, tables & chairs to enable people with disabilities in catering and independence

by Justin Fellows in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

An additional Personal Computer this will enable more people having access to online learning. Revamp the kitchens, new flooring in bistro19. Theres more we can do to make Jbu a better place for the members who attend.


Why did we open our service?

Just B U was first set up in 2012. My decision to set up the organisation came from a background in social care, as I had experienced living with a relative with a disability. Whilst there was a significant amount of care and support required, life was always full of fun with my uncle, and he was the life and soul of our family. Following a career in social care within my local authority, I wanted to create a new service. People with disabilities from local communities would have access to a service that would become user led - which was where the idea to open Just B U was born. 

How do we deliver our service? 

Just B U was registered as a CIC / a not for profit organisation. I began by renting a terraced house comprising a small group of individuals with varying disabilities, employing a team of experienced and qualified professionals in social care. We encourage and empower each individual to shape their own outcomes, based on their preferences, interests, and learning goals. 

As demand and enthusiasm for our services grew, we employed additional staff who possessed a range of attributes aligning with our core values. These include compassion, encouraging independence, and safeguarding.

At the house, people with disabilities took on roles to be more independent, with tasks including making drinks, making lunch, and keeping the house clean and tidy. People had support to go for local walks in the community and in recreational areas. Jobs that Just B U completed (such as updating registers and typing letters) became tasks for people attending the service. We also made planning boards and supported people with disabilities to organise their days. 

Just B U rented more spaces so that new people could join our service. We started to run a simple cafe in one space, supporting people to take forward their independent living skills. We then decided to get one space for everybody and close the smaller outreach spaces. 

Alongside our continued growth, we recognised the need for more space, and we transitioned to a more accessible building featuring two floors. This new location offers expansive areas for enjoyment, coupled with smaller, more intimate spaces designed for learning and relaxation.

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Our Vision

We oversee a range of projects that enable individuals who access our services to gain real working experience, as well as pride and a sense of achievement. This includes Bistro19, a catering environment which enables members of Just B U to cook and serve food and drinks. Family and friends can interact with members, witnessing first hand the positive impact this is having on their personal development. 


Here’s a little more about what we do… 

People who come to Just B U can learn how to use computers, helping out with a range of administrative tasks. We offer a range of exercise classes, including yoga and superhero fitness. They can also take a break or participate in their own hobbies and interests in our Chill Zone.

We have a music studio, The John White Studio, which is named after its founder and we run our own Fusion Radio Show, which is live and can be recorded. Once a month we have an inclusive club night, which we run at the Cafe Stella Nightclub in Leigh, Wigan. 

Our football team, Dynamite, has 20 players comprising a range of ages and genders. Last year, we won our local tournament, and to take this further, we’re entering the Disability Football League. 

What will you do with the extra money?

Donating to our organisation means we can make continuous investments that will improve the day-to-day lives of people with disabilities. The additional funding will enable us to purchase extra personal computers, which will allow more of our members to access online learning. Extra Funding would allow us to invest in our projects, extra equipment, the decoration of the building creating opportunities for new people to be part of our service. 

Our future, our vision for our place, 2024 and beyond.

How can you support us?

We need to refresh the dining area in our current building, which will involve us purchasing a new serving counter, new tables and chairs and new equipment for the kitchen (including a dishwasher). This will help us to meet food hygiene standards, and make it easier to manage surfaces. We’d also like to purchase a computer, which will help people to record evidence, make purchases, and promote the projects they’ve been involved in. We’re predominantly looking for support with our Bistro19 project, but as you can see, we have a lot of other initiatives that we’d love your help with. Whatever you want to get involved in - just be you!

There is so much more that we could do with investment to develop Just B.U cic. Our projects are the place where people can take over and manage the radio station, Bistro19, and football team, while also enabling IT services. 

  • A company is giving us quotes this week for new feature wallpapers. This includes one with our football logo, and one with a saying from someone we supported but passed away. We're making plans to start painting Just B U, as the whole place needs some TLC and we want to create a fresh look!

  • New computers need purchasing for our IT project and for the football team to use. 

  • We aim to develop our main fusion radio studio for the live radio with new microphones, and a mixing desk. We’ll then move onto studio 2, which we've already made a start on. 

  • This is a huge ask, but our kitchens will be developed and ideally one will move into a bigger space. More people are joining Just B U, so not only do we need our lunch, but we need to make sure we can enable people to be independent in the kitchen. 





At Just B U cic, we're looking for help to develop our Bistro19 project but as you can see we have a lot of other projects to sustain that also need your help!

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