Bikepark Cornwall - Feasibility Study fund

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Bikepark Cornwall - Feasibility Study fund
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On 1st December 2016 we successfully raised £2,261 with 120 supporters in 56 days

Raising £10k to pay for the Bikepark Cornwall feasibilty study

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Bikepark Cornwall

Bikepark Cornwall is a project that plans to develop a 1st rate, dedicated mountain bike trail centre in Cornwall. As well as providing a top notch biking experience, the centre will also provide jobs for locals and will offer training for people looking to develop a career in cycling.

Having undertaken extensive discussions with local authorities and land owners, a potential home for Bikepark Cornwall has now been identified. The site falls within the Bodmin catchment area and our initial plans are to develop a facility for intermediate and advanced riders which compliments existing cycling facilities at Cardinham Woods and Lanhydrock. Bikepark Cornwall will also help deliver on the wider goals and objectives of the strategic investment that is being put into Bodmin as ‘Cornwall’s Cycling Town’.

Now before anyone gets too excited and starts dusting down their helmets and goggles, we need to commission an independent feasibility study that assesses the site and the overall concept. If the feasibility study produces a positive outcome then we can move on to the next stage. But, until we get the feasibility study completed the project can go no further. So if you are passionate about off road cycling and want to see Cornwall get its own dedicated trail centre then please make a donation to help us fund the feasibility study.

Please give as generously as you can so we can get started on progressing this exciting project in Cornwall.

Check out our Facebook page for project updates and and news of other fundraising activities.

Happy riding

**NEW** Rewards Raffle


We’ve had lots of enquires and suggestions about rewards for donations, and much as we would like to offer advance ride passes, VIP membership, free uplift days etc. we’re too far away from an opening date to be able to do that. However, we have had some very generous donations from a couple of Cornish sponsors and we’d like to share those goodies with you.

Here’s how it works. We are looking to give away 12 limited edition Bikepark Cornwall mudguards from MuckyNutz and 2 super deluxe bike racks from Cactus Tongue. Anyone who has makes a donation via our Crowdfunder page or who buys a bootfair ticket, will automatically go into the prize draw. People who have already made a donation or have purchased a bootfair ticket will be included in the prize draw. Winners will be announced via the Bikepark Cornwall Facebook page on Friday 9th December.
A bit about the prizes….
MuckyNutz started out in 2009 and make a range of bike and cycling accessories. Based in Bude they are best known for their design protected mudguards and have kindly offered to support us by producing a limited edition Bikepark Cornwall FaceFender mudguard. These guards look great on your bike and are amazingly effective at keeping mud from flying up off your front wheel. Depending on your frame design they can also be used on the back to keep muck from hitting your bottom bracket area. If you’re not lucky enough to win one in the raffle you can buy your BPC guard direct from MuckyNutz from their website for £10
Located near Helston, Cactus Tongue are a small Cornish design company who blend style, strength and practicality into their range of unique bike hangers. They have generously donated 2 of their UNI-X wall mounted bike hangers worth £90 for us to give away. As you can see from the pictures we’ve posted, these work really well for chunky framed mountain bikes as well for more slender road and cross bikes. For more info visit their website

Feasibilty Study Q&A

Why bother doing a Feasibility Study?

We want Bikepark Cornwall to be the real deal and a place with a future. A proper trail centre with a choice of challenging runs. Somewhere that can offer reliable jobs for the people working there and plenty of smiles for folks who ride there. The focus will be on progressive riding featuring intermediate and advanced trails that challenge, thrill and excite, and keep people coming back for more. As well as serving up a quality riding experience, it will also need sufficient parking and on site facilities to handle an estimated 100,000 visitors each year. Anything of this scale requires proper planning and design input. The first part of this is to commission a professional and independent feasibility study. Without this and the associated consultation with regional decision makers and planning authorities, this project can not and will not get underway. Simply put it’s a condition we’ve been given and it’s non-negotiable.

The current threat of closure faced by the superb Black Mountains Cycle Centre shows why it is important to go about the planning side of things properly. We are passionate about making Bikepark Cornwall a reality. We want to build something special for Cornwall that will be used and enjoyed by generations of riders. Whilst we’d all much rather just get out there and dig, trying to bypass the planning stages and getting straight into the trail build doesn’t make for a secure future.

Why does it cost so much money?

Engaging the services of industry experts and professional consultants who know what they are doing, is not a cheap business. The feasibility study is a very detailed piece of work and requires a substantial number of dedicated man days both on and off site. It will look at a number of different things including the fun stuff like user requirements, trail routes, features & design, and the less fun stuff such as business modelling, costs, environmental impact, conservation, planning, permissions, site access, policy, sustainability, community, other user groups, local development strategy, tourism and regional impact. If issues are discovered then the report will document these and set out a way to overcome them. It is much better to do this at the start of the project when they can be sorted out rather than for them to crop up later and potentially bring the project to a halt. All of this goes into producing a report that can be used to support the really important stuff like getting a lease, securing planning permission and obtaining funding for the money to build the site.

 So whilst the feasibility study is not particularly exciting and costs a fair bit of money, it is the key that unlocks the door to the next stage and establishes a pathway to a much more exciting thing…. the building and riding of trails!

What if the study outcome is negative?

A substantial amount of work has already been undertaken to assess the proposed site and this has not thrown up any issues. However, as with all detailed feasibility studies there is a chance that the outcome could be negative. The study could identify unknown toxic deposits on site, rare species of orchid, special bird breeding habitats etc. Its unlikely but it could even conclude that there is no market for serious off road riding in Cornwall. Until the study is done we won’t know what issues there might be and how they can be sorted. Either way the study has to be commissioned and paid for and this is where we are asking for your help.

Why can’t I get something in return for my donation?

We are working with potential sponsors to try and get some goodies to sell or give way in return for donations, but right now, Bikepark Cornwall is not generating any income and has no cash. Whilst it would be great to be able to give people stickers, t-shirts, key rings and the like in return for their Crowdfunder donation, we simply don’t have the funds to get these sorts of things produced at the moment. That in part is why we are running a bike bootfair near Wadebridge on Sunday 4th December. Its £20 to take a pitch but sellers get to keep all the money they raise selling any pre-loved kit they might have. This offers people the chance to help support the feasibility study fundraising campaign whilst also giving them the opportunity to make some cash for themselves. A win / win hopefully!

What happens if you don’t raise enough through Crowdfunder?

By whatever means it takes, we will find a way to get the necessary funds to commission the feasibility study. Like going for any reasonable sized gap jump on your bike, coming up short is not an option!

Can we see some transparency on how much is raised and spent?

Yes! Once the current Crowdfunder campaign closes and proceeds from the bootfair are all in, we will publish a full breakdown of how much money has been made and the contribution this makes to paying for the feasibility study.

We’ve asked you to place your trust in Bikepark Cornwall and get behind the project. A lot of kind and generous people have done that and we are hugely grateful for your support and your trust. Not only does each and every donation help get Bikepark Cornwall one step closer to becoming a reality by contributing funds, it is also proof that people want this to happen and are willing to step up and get behind it. This is a very powerful message that combined with the fundraising, helps us get through the red tape and create Bikepark Cornwall.


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