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Our mission is More People - More Places - More Cricket. To support this we want to provide more opportunities for people to get involved in our great game, and to use the sport we love to make people lives better - be this enjoyment, participation, socialising, or reaching their full potential. Our programmes include - - Disability Cricket for children and young people. in School and in Community settings, including Walking Cricket for older people - State School hub cricket, providing more opportunities for coaching and matchplay - Coaching within Schools, to bring the game to more children - Youth Competitions for our Clubs, providing in excess of 1500 matches per year - A Performance Pathway that supports players to strive to reach their potential, with a fantastic track record of providing players to the Mens and Womens Professional game - Increasing the availability and quality of cricket facilities across the County

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We want you to become a Friend of Berkshire Cricket, to enable us to continue to work towards our mission of More People, in More Places, doing More Cricket.

By donating just £2 per month, you can be part of this exciting adventure

Being our Friend means you are helping us to give more opportunities to more people across the County to be involved in Cricket - whether that's as a player, coach, umpire, or a spectator.

Why Berkshire Cricket

We look to support al aspects of Cricket within the County, to make a positive difference to as many people as we can.  We have a fantastic record of producing players for the professional game, as well as giving many young people a great first experience of cricket.

How to be a Friend

You can make a one off donation through the link above, or you could become a regular supporter by donating £2 a month which will allow us to continue our work to bring More Cricket, to More People, in More Places.

Having a large number of Friends supporting us this way, will unlock other funding opportunities too!

We are aiming to have 10,000 friends by our 10th birthday on 10th March 2026, so once you have donated please share on your social media and persuade your friends to support us too.  


19th May 2024 at 10:50pm

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Mark Ennis
15th May 2024 at 12:36pm

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8th May 2024 at 3:04pm

In support of Kali-Ann Docherty from friends and family

Alison Docherty
8th May 2024 at 3:01pm

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26th April 2024 at 12:17pm

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24th April 2024 at 8:27pm

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24th April 2024 at 12:13pm

Sponsorship for Poppy Tulloch

24th April 2024 at 12:12pm

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21st April 2024 at 3:51pm

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