'Belonging': online retreat for people of colour

by Freddy Fley in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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A reach-out project to re-connect, promote belonging, and process collective trauma, post-covid, through mindfulness and community support

by Freddy Fley in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 31st July 2022 we'd raised £11,414 with 45 supporters in 60 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

 We want to fund free spaces on our retreat, spaces on our 8 week course.

If funds allow we would like to invite our team to an away day to reward their good generous work that's been carried out throughout these years and fund our retreats for participants . 

National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund

We’re taking part in the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund. Donations to our project will be matched by the fund up to the value of £250 per donation to help us overcome the effects of the pandemic.

Please note only one donation per supporter will be matched by the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund.

Our journeys are mitigated by many seen and unseen circumstances, many of which we can't control. In particular grief, covid, war, social injustice and the increase in global prices mean we are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress. This requires extra attention to our bodies and to each other.

These 9 days ( Not Full days) are designed to give you the foundations of mindfulness, including tools to introduce a daily framework. With these simple practices, you will be able to make better lifestyle choices, deepen your connection to your body, and build self-care and compassion.

This 9-day home retreat is designed for anyone who would like to implement self-care, learn simple practices to help increase a sense of self-regulation and agency, and learn to navigate life's difficulties, defuse tension, gain clarity, improve concentration and establish inner peace.

Mindfulness is training to establish a discipline of liberation from afflicting states of mind. During this home retreat, you will learn walking, standing, and sitting meditation, how to overcome hindrances, the benefits of mindfulness, our stress response, introducing mindfulness into our daily life, and the theory and research behind the practice of mindfulness. 

The 4th Annual Empowerment Retreat  2-10 July 2022

‘The Quest for True Belonging’

You are not separate. You never were. You never will be.

This online annual retreat is oriented towards those who identify as People of Colour, and will be consistent with offering perspectives and exploring identity and practices which draw on a sense of belonging. We have decided this year to hold two events per day to give people the opportunity to invest in consistent practice. 

Retreat Description:

The 9 days (not full days) are a call to participate and make a commitment to explore identity and belonging through mindful practice and reflection on how we must repair ourselves to get to a place of spiritual rootedness.

We will ground ourselves in refuge and community and the foundations of mindfulness and unity.

This gentle and powerful retreat programme starts and ends with evening presentations on each of the two weekends (plus morning meditation), and with guided meditations each morning and evening during the week in between.

We invite you to join us for presentations, discussions, and break-out rooms, as well as immersing yourself in the exploration, healing, and community-centred approach around our relationship to the concept of belonging. We are committing to this new focus of continued cultivation with embodied transformation at its centre.

Please support us as we are all volunteers from the top bottom trying to make a difference in people's lives. Your funds will help our organization to keep meditating and giving these services at low rates. 

With Gratitude 



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£70 or more

CPD Event - Absent Father


£5 or more


Sight seeing tour in West Sussex, includes the beaches, Chichester and Southdowns national park.

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Raffle : Day spa in Brighton

At the famous Grand hotel, includes lunch- worth £120 https://www.grandbrighton.co.uk/gift-vouchers

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Raffle: Healing the father wound

Please see the full website for the program, Total value is £250

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£30 Reward

Professional membership OF mnpc

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£50 Reward

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Retreat- Healing the father wound

Dates : Friday 23rd of June to Sunday 25th of June 2023 Single Occupancy £425.00 per person (Actual value ) Double £390.00 per person Tripple £290 per person Categories: Professional development Creative, Nature, Space, Rest & Relax, Mindfulness

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