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Get involved in the most exciting development of truly fresh beer at home and make a big difference to a small brewery with a huge ambition!

by in West Hewish, England, United Kingdom

TLDR / Executive Summary

Truly fresh beer is best, you love it and we excel at it. Thanks to the opportunity of the Covid pandemic, we are now shipping our exceptional, cask conditioned beers across the country week after week. This is your chance to get some awesome value rewards in exchange for your support to help us do even more! With this Crowdfunder raising a minimum of £100,000, we'll launch the UK's first nationwide cask beer @ home subscription model, become the country's biggest direct retailer of truly fresh beer and finally challenge the big boys churning out bottles and cans! We've made awesome progress kicking this off, thinking and acting differently to other breweries during these super-tough times and now with your help, we can smash it and you can get great beer too! Want to know more? Full deets below... - Drink Fresh!

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1617179058_cf-spacer.pngFull details - the whole nine yards

Covid hit us - and other breweries - hard, but by focusing on what we could do, rather than lament what we couldn’t, we’ve found ourselves at the beginning of a new, particularly awesome and exciting mission – and we’d love for you to join us (and have a pint or two on the way!). We'll raise a minimum of £100,000 to invest in growth, capacity, technology and marketing. Come and find out more…

The Vision and Our Mission

When pubs closed due to Covid lockdowns, the ability to have a proper pint disappeared too. So many beer lovers were forced to resort to bottles and cans, sure, a lot of small breweries benefitted from this, us included, but it was the big boys that really won – supermarket booze sales went off the scale, and the bigger craft beer retailers saw their sales and subscribers number sky rocket. But you miss having a proper pint right?

Thanks to our rapid adoption of online selling, we perfected shipping freshly tapped real ale to your door. We're now on a mission to become the UK’s leading retailer of freshly tapped cask conditioned beer! We want to launch the UK’s first nationwide fresh beer subscription service and to challenge the big boys! To put proper pints of beer back in the hands of those who love and appreciate the gold standard of truly fresh beer and to provide amazing variety and value-added extras. Constantly changing variety, exquisitely crafted beers, lovingly cared for and carefully packaged before being delicately shipped direct to your door.

We've made a cracking start on this but to properly super-boost it and be the first, we need your help. As a result, we’ve carefully crafted a raft of rewards for you so as well as the excitement of helping build a unique and industry disrupting service, you can get some awesome beery rewards along the way! - The Ultimate Beer Shop. Bottles and other packaging of freshly tapped beer.

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngWhat we do is great! Here's why... is about freshly tapped cask conditioned beer at home, we offer six different beers each week, all expertly brewed by us. Recognising that beer lovers crave variety we launched our “Beer Festival Boxes”, giving the beer lover the ability to choose three, four or even six beers and have three pints of each delivered to their door all superbly packaged and in top condition – we've not found anyone else in the UK doing this and most of our national orders are now “Beer Festival Boxes” – so we want even more beer lovers to experience them!


Since then, we’ve reinvested what we can in order to grow during these challenging times and, even if we do say so ourselves, we’re doing a great job thus far! A brand-new website, a carefully defined digital marketing strategy, investment in our branding and now in our “Beer Festival Box” packaging – producing what we believe to be the world’s first bag in box that can store three or four individual beers! It uses 30% less packaging than previously and zero bleached board making it lighter and even more environmentally friendly!

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngUnique, 3 or 4 beer boxes, exclusive to


Through this innovation, which is unique to us, we will launch the UK’s first cask conditioned beer subscription service, offering new, fresh beers delivered to your door once a month – no one else is doing this. We learnt loads from putting on awesome online events during lockdown so we’ll couple that with online tasting sessions, food pairings, meet the brewer events, quizzes, music and comedy as part of this.

We will even bring in guest beers too, so that as well as our amazing beers we can feature the very best from other breweries.  

We offer incredibly high quality, full flavoured beer delivered to your door and our mission is to be the UK’s leading retailer of fresh, cask conditioned beer. We’re only just scratching the surface and can bring even more enjoyment to beer enthusiasts across the country! No one else is championing cask at home as much, as loudly or as often as we are, so if you love cask conditioned beer as the highest quality, unprocessed, gold standard of beer available then you’ll love being a part of what we do!

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngWhat's in it for you?

Just as we carefully craft each one of our beers, we’ve crafted a range of amazing rewards for you which offer even more bang for your buck than ever before – some of which, just won’t be available ever again, so don’t miss out!

We’re talking about exclusive discounts in our "Fork n Ale" taproom, merchandise, tickets to our flagship beer and music festival (including VIP tickets), private parties, exclusive 20th anniversary edition of a Champion Bottled Beer of Britain, experiences and of course, good old beer – and lots of it! All of which have been put together as a massive thank you for you helping us to be able to achieve our mission.

Your rewards include merchandise, taproom and brewery experiences, our beer and music festival and BEER!

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngSo... Who are we?

We're a small, independent, craft brewery, you’ll probably know us as “Pitchfork Ales” or “3D Beer”. We launched in 2017, prior to that, we had a combined experience of nearly 70 years in the industry brewing beers that have won multiple awards, including Champion beers of Britain and featured in various books from our time with RCH Brewery.

Pitchfork Ales and 3D Beer - The two beer brands on sale via

The brewery

The Brewery

1617179058_cf-spacer.png The last three years, we have produced probably the most exciting range of cask ales available in the UK, launching one or two new beers every month in a variety of styles and flavours – from the traditional to the trendy. rated 4.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot

1617179058_cf-spacer.png We have excellent beer ratings on Untappd, amazing reviews on Trustpilot and have now combined our passion for brewing awesome beers with the technology to put them in front of more and more beer lovers.

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngBottles of beer from 3D Beer available through

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngWhere did BeerDriveThru come from?

Everyone knows how Covid-19 has affected various industries. We were no different. 98% of our business was in supplying cask conditioned beer to independent pubs. Covid hit, the pubs were closed and our income fell off a cliff! - The Ultimate Beer Shop. Bottles and boxes of beer

1617179058_cf-spacer.png With nearly 1,000 casks in stock at the point of the first lockdown, we had to adapt, so we did – rapidly. We moved business online within just over a week, offering click and collect slots and local deliveries of freshly tapped, cask conditioned beer. Not just bottles but proper fresh beer – was born and beer lovers responded amazingly! We were overwhelmed by the support. We had another uplift when we worked with a courier firm and perfected shipping freshly tapped beer overnight to anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales, thus opening up the ability to deliver nationally.

1617179058_cf-spacer.png In May 2020, we launched the “Armchair Beer Festival” – the World’s first virtual beer festival offering freshly tapped cask conditioned beer! We put on a three-hour livestream of beer chat and live music, shipping over 3,000 pints across the country and raised money for the NHS! During the second lockdown we did it again – this time offering three hours of live music, comedy and a tutored tasting session. We didn’t take lockdown lying down, we got busy!

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngArmchair Beer Festival Screen grabs

1617179058_cf-spacer.png As a result of all of this innovation, we turned the problem of the pandemic into an amazing opportunity and a new mission! Now, combining our passion for producing awesome beers, discerning beer lovers’ desire for a proper pint and the right technology to deliver all of this, what was initially created for us to survive now means we can truly thrive.

We think, and operate differently to other small breweries, and we’re passionate about even more of you experiencing our flavoursome beers. With your help, we’ll become the “go to” place for truly fresh beer, delivered to your door in perfect condition and tasting amazing – no matter where you are in the country.

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngThe Business Plan

The money raised will be invested in going even further than we ever initially dreamed! We’ve worked out a three-year business plan on transforming the beer retail scene by predominantly offering fresh beer. You can be a part of this masterplan too by helping us to…

  • Increase fermenting capacity x3 for smaller batches
    • Even more variety for you – more often and in more formats.
  • Dedicated local delivery van
    • To service the first expansion of our local delivery area.
  • Digital marketing acceleration
    • Kicking off the first part of our three-year (world domination) masterplan.
  • Storage and Packaging Facilities Upgrade
    • Even more efficiency and even more care for the beer means a better pint (or ten!) for you.
  • Production of innovative packaging
    • We’ve invested in the design and development of our unique, proprietary multi-beer bag-in-box with our packaging partner, Smurfit Kappa, now it’s time for us to kick off production. More environmentally friendly and a super-exciting beer storage and dispenser for you.
  • Website Functionality Investment
    • To launch the UK’s first nationwide cask conditioned beer subscription model.
  • Initial canned stock
    • Sure, we’re all about freshly tapped beer. Our second biggest seller are bottles, we’ll give you even more choice by offering specialist canned beers.
  • Cloud based sales order processing system
    • Thanks to our adoption of technology, we process orders smoother than one of our milk stouts! New services and a higher level of business means new processes to deliver it all whilst ensuring productivity and efficiency remains high! 

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngExtra! Extra! All for you!

We love to give you value, so for EVERYONE who pledges and supports us, regardless of your choice of reward, you'll receive an invitation to the online live stream of "Brews, Blues & Barbecues", our incredible beer and music festival, so even if you can't get to us, you can still join in the fun! Furthermore, shortly after the Crowdfunder has completed, we're going to run a virtual game show style quiz exclusively for our new found Crowdfunder friends - this is a quiz like no other and we'll be giving away plenty of beer as prizes (not just for winners though too so everyone has a chance to win!). All completely free as part of our thanks and gratitude for your help and belief.

1617179058_cf-spacer.pngEven more bang for your beer bucks!

As well as rewarding you with the offers we have here, we want to go even further and offer you our pledge and guarantee towards quality and exclusivity

  • Firstly, we promise to have an ever-changing, exciting variety of beers from the traditional to the trendy to keep you both excited and interested
  • We promise that you will never find our beer in a Wetherspoons pub, super market or craft beer bottle and can subscription service – we won’t use your funds to sell beer cheap to such organisations, exclusivity will remain paramount.
  • We promise to constantly offer value for money, high quality beers, full of flavour and character, because, as a discerning beer lover, that’s what you deserve.

Additionally, for those of you coming on board as one of our supporters, we'll craft specific supporter community offers from hereon in, your help will be forever recognised and truly appreciated.

Head to to see what we do and how we do it! We look forward to having a celebratory pint (or two!) with you soon!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

8 of 500 claimed

Even more beer for your buck!

Get £50 worth of beer in the bank on us! An electronic gift card with £50 credit to use on our webshop (valid 1st June 2021 - 31st May 2022)

£10 or more

19 of 70 claimed

Ale Mary - 20th Anniversary Edition Bottle

Special, one off edition celebrating 20 years since 'Ale Mary' won CAMRA's coveted Champion Bottled beer of Britain, as featured in the book, "300 Beers to Try Before You Die". 1 x Commemorative 500ml bottle 'Ale Mary', bottle conditioned, numbered and signed by our head brewer.

£15 or more

23 of 40 claimed

VIP Ticket - Brews, Blues & BBQs

1 x VIP adult ticket to our flagship beer and music festival, Brews, Blues & BBQs. Includes two pints of beer, fast track bar service and discounted beer prices. 10th July 2021 subject to Covid restrictions of course. 100% valid for a rescheduled event if it has to be postponed because of Covid.

£16 or more

9 of 100 claimed

Brews, Blues & BBQs Tickets

Two adult tickets to our flagship beer and music festival, 'Brews, Blues & BBQs' (usually £10pp, includes a pint of beer each). Five live acts, awesome beer, great food, 12pm-6pm, 10th July 2021 subject to Covid restrictions of course. 100% valid for a rescheduled event if it has to be postponed because of Covid.

£25 or more

2 of 20 claimed

Pump Clip Breweriana

If you collect brewery paraphernalia then this is for you! A selection of 20 x various Pitchfork Ales and 3D Beer pump clips delivered by Royal Mail (may include some old RCH pump clips, possibly bottle and can labels - it's a surprise!)

£30 or more

2 of 500 claimed

More beer for your buck!

Get £35 worth of beer in the bank on us! An electronic gift card with £35 credit to use on our webshop (valid 1st June 2021 - 31st May 2022)

£47 or more

1 of 150 claimed

Zero Fux! The beer that was banned!

12 x 440ml cans of Zero Fux, the beer that got banned! A 7.5% ABV mid-west IPA. Includes an exclusive ZF t-shirt and delivery plus a ticket to Brews, Blues & BBQs (worth £10, includes a free pint) (total value = £84)

£50 or more

7 of 100 claimed

24 Bottle Mixed Box of Pitchfork Ales Beers

Mixed box of 24 x 500ml bottles of Pitchfork Ales inc delivery (usually £65.95). 8 bottles of each beer, 'Pitchfork', 'Old Slug' & 'East Street Cream' (the last two beers are featured in the famous book, "1001 Beers you must try before you die".)

£50 or more

5 of 100 claimed

Fork n Ale VIP Club

10% discount off your entire bill at the Fork n Ale Taproom & Kitchen for two years, also includes 1 x ticket to Brews, Blues & BBQs (worth £10 and includes a free pint). Discount card valid 1st June 2021 - 31st May 2023

£50 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Tour & Beer O Clock for a new beer

Brewery tour for two people including generous sampling of available beers that week AND a tasting of a brand new beer with our team before it's released to the public. Usually a Friday afternoon, needs to be booked in advance.

£75 or more

5 of 150 claimed

Tour & Taproom Experience

Brewery Tour for two people including generous sampling of current beers, includes private transfer from local train/bus station to the brewery then a private transfer to the Fork n Ale Taproom for a meal for two and another free pint of ale each. (approx. value £110)

£75 or more

5 of 50 claimed

Fork n Ale VIP Club Plus

10% discount off entire bill at the Fork n Ale Taproom & Kitchen for two years and a gallon of beer everytime there's four or more of you dining, also includes 1 x ticket to Brews, Blues & Barbecues (worth £10 and includes a free pint)

£80 or more

56 of 250 claimed

Shed loads more beer for your buck!

Get £120 worth of beer in the bank on us! An electronic gift card with £120 credit to use on our webshop (valid 1st June 2021 - 31st May 2022)

£100 or more

3 of 200 claimed

Christmas & New Year Beer!

1 x 8 beer box (24 pints of fresh beer/cider) and 24 bottles of beer delivered in time for Christmas (retail value £125). If collecting, reward will include £20 electronic gift card.

£150 or more

1 of 15 claimed

Brewery Tour & Beer O Clock

Brewery tour for 5 people, learn more about what we do and how we do it, enjoy a generous sampling of beers on that week and each get a BeerDriveThru pint glass and a bottle of beer. Also includes 20% off any purchases that day

£300 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Taproom Celebration!

Hosted at the Fork n Ale Taproom in Weston, for up to 12 people, includes a celebratory cake, table service in the private dining area, 2 bottles of fizz and a £200 food and drink tab

£350 or more

0 of 100 claimed

Beer for a year!

3 beers x 3pints of fresh cask beer delivered once a month for a year, plus an exclusive BeerDriveThru t-shirt and stylish BeerDriveThru pint glass (retail inc delivery = £410. If collecting, we'll give you £100 electronic gift card). Coupon code issued for 12 x Beer Boxes valid 1st June 2021 - 31st May 2022 so you can choose your beers and order when you want.

£360 or more

0 of 20 claimed

A Year of Monthly Sunday Lunches for Two

A grand total of 24 Sunday lunches and 12 bottles of wine (two people, two lunches and a bottle of wine at a time, once a month) at The Fork n Ale (will need to pre-book). Retail value approx. £500.

£1,000 or more

1 of 5 claimed

Private Brews, Blues & BBQs Party

Your own private Brews, Blues & BBQs party (outdoor / own venue), we'll turn up with our event bar, provide food, 18 gallons of beer and awesome live music for 30 people (more by negotiation).

£1,500 or more

0 of 50 claimed

A True Year of Beer

3 beers x 3 pints every single week (beers change weekly), Beer DriveThru t-shirt and glass, 2 tickets to Brews, Blues & BBQs on 10th July (includes a free pint each). If collecting, we'll give you a £300 electronic gift card valid for two years. Retail value £1,750.

£2,750 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Personalised Corporate / Celebration Beer

Your very own label beer! 80 cases of 12 x 500ml bottles (960 bottles total) of your own labelled beer for Corporate gifts, Wedding favours or any Special Occasion. Labelled with your own beer name and design at bottling (a choice of beer styles will be available and we'll work with you to design the label). Higher quantities can be discussed. Plus 5 VIP tickets to Brews, Blues & Barbecues!

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