by Eirini Patsalosavvi in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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An Edinburgh Napier University and Screen Academy Scotland Master's grad short film

by Eirini Patsalosavvi in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The extra money will go towards hiring a Steadicam operator. We would like to hire a Steadicam operator to bring the emotion that certain scenes need to life. 

An MMA fighter struggles with the pressures of life after a brutal knockout jeopardizes his future.


Battered is a short film about the struggle of following your dreams and the toll of combat sports. It follows Jack, an up-and-coming MMA fighter fighting on the local Scottish MMA circuit. He tries to overcome his previous loss and get back on track to become a world champion.
Jack struggles with outside and inside pressures pulling him away from the sport and making him question if fighting is the right path for this life. Is his single mindedness a blessing or a curse? Does he not see the bigger picture?
Battered is a grounded exploration of what it takes to follow your dreams and the reasons they change or you have to give them up altogether. It observes the delusion required to try and become something special and the toll it takes on someone when they realise they might not be the next big thing.


The HOD team has formed through the Screen Academy Scotland Film and Screenwriting MA courses over the past year. Having collaborated on multiple projects, they have built strong relationships that have led them to work together once again for this project.


Michael Inglis - Director

Michael Inglis is the director of Battered. He is currently studying for a Master's in Film, specialising in directing, at Screen Academy Scotland. Following his childhood dream of directing, Michael has helmed several films that delve into the male psyche and its vulnerabilities. A devoted fan of MMA since the rise of Conor McGregor, Michael has been staying up until 6 a.m. every weekend to watch fights and has been training in MMA since 2020. His passion for both personal, intimate stories and combat sports fuels his belief that Battered will be his breakthrough film.


Kacper Kowalski - Writer

Kacper Kowalski is the writer of Battered. Originally from Poland and raised in London, Kacper is studying for a Master's in Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland. An avid MMA enthusiast since UFC 97, he also trains in jiu-jitsu because he hates getting hit in the head. The script is his love letter to the sport, exploring what it means to be a combat athlete and the experiences inside and outside the MMA gym that shape a person. Kacper aims to create a story that focuses on the humanity and emotion behind the combat athlete rather than just the spectacle of fighting.


Timothy F. Jacobi - Director of Photography

Timothy Jacobi is the Director of Photography for Battered. Currently studying at Screen Academy Scotland, Tim has worked on numerous projects within the camera department, from graduate short films at Edinburgh Napier University to independent productions. His experience ranges from heavily stylised lighting to naturalistic looks. Tim has built strong relationships with the core team through prior collaborations, and he is particularly interested in Battered due to its exploration of masculinity in today's society and its rich cinematic opportunities.


Cammy Hunter - Head of Sound

Cammy Hunter is the Head of Sound for Battered. With a degree in Communication Design, Cammy transitioned from motion graphics to more A/V work, including corporate livestream broadcasts and sound design for Dungeons and Dragons games. Now pursuing a Master's in Film focusing on sound, Cammy is excited to convey the psychological weight of pursuing dreams through a pared-back, introspective soundscape. He looks forward to working with the team again, confident in their creative synergy.


Bethan Dow - Editor

Bethan Dow is the editor of Battered. Bethan has a BA (Hons) in Film and Media from Queen Margaret University and is completing an MA in Film, specialising in Editing. Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and working towards her Avid certification, Bethan has experience in both promotional and narrative work. She is excited to bring the MMA setting to life and enhance the narrative drama. Having previously worked with much of the team on Checkmate, Bethan is eager to collaborate again and has full trust in their skills.


Irene Patsalosavvi - Producer

Irene Patsalosavvi is the producer of Battered. Originally from Cyprus and now residing in Edinburgh, Irene holds a degree in Digital Media and Interaction Design and is pursuing a Master's in Film Production at Screen Academy Scotland. Passionate about storytelling, particularly projects exploring the human condition, Irene was immediately drawn to Battered when Michael pitched the idea. She believes the film's narrative is relatable for young people striving to achieve their dreams, and she trusts her team implicitly, having collaborated with them multiple times.


Embarking on a journey to fulfil your dreams often means navigating unexpected, winding paths. Athletes, creatives, and countless others know this struggle all too well. It can leave us feeling worn and weary, but it's all part of the adventure. Our film captures this universal pursuit of dreams, portraying it as an inspiring metaphor for the myriad aspirations out there.

We'll dive deep into these unconventional routes, showcasing how they lead us to destinations we never anticipated but ultimately need. By exploring the intricate foundations of dreams—focusing on relationships, the mental battles of self-doubt, and the quest for contentment—we aim to inspire our audience.

Through this film, we hope viewers will gain a newfound appreciation for their journeys, recognizing the value in what they have and the courage in what they strive for. Whether or not they reach their desired goals, it's the transformative power of the journey that truly matters. Join us in celebrating the beauty of pursuing dreams, no matter how elusive they may seem.




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