RCN 1050805, Basingstoke

We are a community gymnastics club based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. We have over 1700 members. We offer classes to children and adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We are a fully inclusive club and no matter what your ability or specific requirements are, we will find a class suitable for you. Some of our classes are recreational and others are elite. We also have gymnasts that have competed as part of national GBR teams both in the UK and abroad.


Brief History

Our club was founded in the 1960's by the Hillier Family. The club has had various homes within the Basingstoke area over the years, but in 2006 we moved to our current home in Stephenson Road (see photo above). In 1993 we became a registered charity providing gymnastic activities to the local community. The club started with approximately 70 members in the 1960's, but by December 2022 our numbers have increased to approx. 1750 children, adults and members with special needs, many of whom come from underprivileged backgrounds. 

The wear and tear on our gym is substantial and our aging building is in desperate need of modernisation, repairs and improvements.  We would also like to become more environmentally sustainable, but unfortunately we do not have the financial resources to make this happen.  we are committed to serving the needs of the local community and would like to provide even more for those who are less fortunate.1694692296_outside_of_gym_jan_2023.png

We have partnered with the local council to provide essential services to the underprivileged, but we need your help to continue this work.  every penny we generate goes straight back into the club so that we can keep providing much needed services.  Your support would enable us to modernise our facilities, repair and replace damaged items and become more environmentally sustainable, thus ensuring that we can continue to provide these essential services to the local community.  Please help us to help those who need it most.

Club values

Community - we value our sense of community

Opportunity - we provide a diverse range of opportunities

Passion - we use our passion to inspire, teach and learn

Excellence - we believe in quality and strive for everyone to reach their full potential

Fun - we create safe and enjoyable atmospheres that allow people to express themselves freely


Gymnastics on offer at our club

We currently provide gymnastics sessions, for both children and adults, in various different disciplines including Adult Gymnastics, Aerobics, Disability Gymnastics & Movement, Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Parkour, Preschool Gymnastics, Recreational Gymnastics, Team Gym, Trampolining, Tumbling and Women's Artistic Gymnastics. We also provide coaches to run sessions for local Home Education groups, Adult Disabilities groups and local SEND Schools to come and use our facilities. In the school holidays we provide holiday camps for both our members and non members to attend.

Some of our members train once a week and others train up to a maximum of six days a week. Some of our members compete in local, regional, national and international competitions. We also have members who are still or have in the past competed at competitions as part of the GBR national teams.  We have had members join us as young gymnasts, who have then gone on to become coaches or trustees themselves. 


Club Key Priorities

  • Contributing to the national and international profile of Basingstoke and Deane through the provision of high quality sports facilities and hosting national competitions.
  • Providing a wide range of activities for all age groups to promote physical exercise and well being.
  • Offering employment, skills and training opportunities to club coaches and members in a range of sports related fields.
  • Tackling childhood obesity and promoting regular, good quality physical exercise, particularly through schools.
  • Using leisure activities to reduce anti-social behaviour, engage young people and keep them away from the justice system, with a focus on disengaged youth.
  • Increasing participation in leisure activities among marginalised and disadvantage communities through strategic engagement, inclusive design and targeted promotion
  • Enhancing service provision and meeting specific needs of diverse groups by partnering with third and public sector organisations.


Clubs Diversity

We strive to maintain our status as a prominent and fully accessible centre for fitness, wellness and social integration.  Our primary focus in on catering to young people and disadvantage groups in our local community, with an emphasis on offering exceptional gymnastic programs.  Our club provides top notch facilities and has a proven track record of success in competitions.  Our efforts significantly contribute to the economic development, community well-being and national recognition of Basingstoke and Deane.  By partnering with local schools and engaging eith various disadvantaged communities we align with Basingstoke and Deans Council Plan and the Hampshire Local Area Agreement.

Our club was established in the late 1960's by the Hillier family and with support from the council the club moved to its current high quality facilities in 2006.  In 2009, the board identified the need to enhance its governance to meet the evolving need of the club and the trustees are committed to accomplishing this goal.  The board has devised a plan to expand the club's potential and strengthen its contribution to Basingstoke and Deane.  Developing the board and appointing new trustees are crucial components of the four pronged strategy, which includes:

  • Establishing a model of good governance
  • Embodying inclusivity
  • Attracting people
  • Becoming an internationally acclaimed gymnastics club.

Community Support

We are pleased to be working alongside Basingstoke Primary Schools PE and Sport Association Co-Ordinator and we have extended an invitation to schools to take advantage of our unique services, which can significantly enhance both their curricular and extracurricular timetables.  Our experienced coaches work with children and develop units of work tailored to meet the national curriculum targets.  We specialise in creating gymnastics schemes of work for both KS1 and KS2.  Moreover, we are currently hosting prestigious KS1 and KS2 gymnastics competitions. providing a top tier venue, qualified judges and invaluable advice from highly skilled gymnastics coaches.

Our partnership with the Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme has enabled us to offer our facilities to young talented athletes in need of additional training.  We have also supported them by providing training plans designed to identify their weaknesses and maximise their potential at our club.

We have made changes to some of our drop in classes, such as the pre-school drop in and parkour/freestyle drop in.  You no longer need to be a member or sign up for annual insurance, making it accessible to anyone interested.  We have observed a positive response and the numbers attending our weekly sessions have increased.  Our classes are inclusive and offer many disability classes for children and adults.  The open session on Thursday mornings has become increasingly popular, providing adults with an opportunity to socialise, enjoy free tea/coffee and exercise with friends.

We are committed to promoting inclusivity in all our services and local schools regularly attend our weekly sessions, providing opportunities for local children and children with special needs to engage in physical activities outside of school hours.

We also offer a program for home schooled children at a reduced rate providing them an opportunity to participate in physical activity as part of their curriculum and a chance to socialise with other young people.

How we help disadvantaged in the community

As a compassionate charitable organisation our mission is to provide the best support possible to our local community.  We understand the importance to our local community.  We understand the importance of creating positive spaces where families can come together to participate in activities and events that bring joy and support mental health.

We have been fortunate to work closely with our local council, collaborating on outreach efforts and offering a range of opportunities to the community.  From running camps during school breaks to hosting family fun drop in sessions, we strive to make a positive impact on families and individuals in need.  Additionally, we offer hardship support to those facing difficult times, ensuring they can access our services and receive the help they need.

Our commitment to our community extends beyond our organisation, as we partner with other charities to run donation drives and support national charitable work.  In 2022 we took part in National Awareness weeks, we sent donations to the Ukraine and provided Christmas gifts to be distributed to local families by The Salvation Army.

We provide work experience opportunities to young students, helping them gain valuable insights into the workforce.  

At the core of our organisation is coaching, but we also offer diverse opportunities to those seeking to participate in other areas of our organisation.  We are proud to have established strong relationships within our community and will continue to seek funding opportunities to support new initiatives and expand our services to those in need.

At the heart of our annual goals is our commitment to giving back to our local community in partnership with the local council and community.  We strive to achieve this objective in several ways and remain dedicated to making a positive impact in our region.

Staff Development

At our gymnastics club, we prioritise the professional development of our staff and we have established a mentoring system that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise from senior coaches to their junior counterparts.  Our goal is to inspire our coaches with new ideas, promote their confidence in teaching and enhance the overall quality of our service.  We are committed to fostering potential champions in all areas of the sport and strive to create an inclusive environment that welcomes athletes of all levels.

To support our coaches ongoing growth and development we have implemented training days and coaching workshops throughout the year.  These events provide our staff with technical knowledge and skills that help them stay up to date with the latest developments in the field.  We have also strengthened our support team by hiring more preschool qualified coaches, promoting younger coaches who share our vision and passion for the sport and increasing our volunteer welfare team.  Our welfare team support all of our members including gymnasts and staff.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have joined the national young leader program.  This program will help us expand our young leader initiative throughout the gym, enabling us to mentor the next generation of gymnasts and coaches.  By implementing these initiatives, we aim to improve our customer service and ensure that we maintain our position as a premier gymnastics club.



Basingstoke Gymnastic Club exemplifies the values of passion, excellence, fun, community and opportunity.  The sport of gymnastics not only builds physical fitness, self discipline and mental toughness, but also promotes creativity, grace and precision.  A gymnastics club charity creates a space where young people from diverse backgrounds can pursue their passion and access quality coaching, state of the art equipment and a safe and supportive environment to practice and perform.  

This opportunity can have a transformative effect on children's lives, fostering confidence, improving mental health and nurturing teamwork.  Additionally, a gymnastics club charity cultivates a sense of community and volunteerism, as parents, coaches and athletes come together to support each other and organise events.  Through a donation or grant for a gymnastics club charity, you can contribute to building a healthier, more vibrant community by supporting people of all ages in developing their full potential in an inclusive, fun and empowering environment. 


Our Wish List

As most charities we have a wish list here are some of the things at the top of our list at the moment:

  • Team Gym Tumble Track - purchased in March 2023 from donations and grants
  • Male Artistic floor area and matting
  • Renewing foam pits that are used for trampolining, somersaults, tumble and vault
  • Smaller pieces of gymnastic equipment for our pre-school sessions
  • Solar panels
  • Update to date toilets, showers and changing 
  • Viewing gallery for our members
  • Training courses for our coaches and volunteers